design-one-fly-fishing-520Welcome to my Fly Fishing and Fly Tying slot on the web

Here I share my Fly fishing adventures and fly tying videos and hope you find them entertaining and helpful

I use Partridge Fly Hooksthroughout my fly tying sections and uni logo unit threadsthreads ,along with quality UK sourced feathers from suppliers who have been vetted and comply to all current animal welfare regulations, giving you a quality made fly you can depend on when that inner voice says STRIKE

I also offer FREE SHIPPING in the UK an now to my friends in the USA too. Have a look here for the full details

Along with all the flies I hand tie here in my shed, solar powered but that’s another story, I am often asked to make custom commissions by customers who want a fly specific to their region and I am more than happy to do this for you, just contact me and we can get started.

There are thousands of wet, dry, streamer and nymph patterns you can choose from, which can get very confusing, gets me in a fuddle sometimes too, but the one thing you cannot have enough of are Nymphs & Wet flies as these make up the bulk of the diet for your game fish.

Then around May, add some Dry & Emerger flies when the fish are taking off the top. Great fun that is I assure you.

If I have not listed a pattern here, doing my best to make the patterns and tying video available as quick as I can, then please do contact me and I will make it for you and add it here for everyone to share.

I am also adding a Gallery here too, where I invite my customers to send my pictures of fish they have caught using one of my tied flies and I look forward to seeing yours soon. Might even be a prize of a box of flies for the best each month, let me know what you think.

I will update this home page as and when I think something will be of interest to you & as always, I wish you tight lines on your next fishing adventure.

From the shed
Dave Carrera