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Tying the Flashy Bloodworm for Fly Fishing


Here is my video demonstrating how I tie the Flashy Bloodworm Fly

Please contact me if you have specific fly tying needs and I will be glad to help


Wishing you tight lines

Dave Carrera

My first Fly Fishing day

Red Dasher Woolly Bugger by Dave Carrera

04Dave Carrera Fly Fishing Syon Park London/02/2016 was eagerly awaited for and did not disappoint, no fish caught, but sometimes you can take away a lot more than “Fish Caught” stories and this is how my first Fly Fishing day went.

The venue?  the Fishing Lake at Syon Park which is not to far from me and an obvious place for me to start my Fly Fishing adventures.

I arrived at 9am and meet a couple of gents that you instantly know have been fishing all their lives and off the bat, offered help and advice, a theme for the whole day, which boosted my confidence, so key-code entered and in I went.

I had already rigged my rod with a Olive Woolly Bugger so getting straight into the action took but moments.

And so it began, lobbing my flies at the lake and for some time watching everyone else landing fish, and then more kind help.

Chap called Peter advised on my casting and to upgrade my leader to 8lb as some of the possible catch are over 10lbs.

Continue I did, and I continued to see others land their fish.

Then BANG, which as it was my first encounter with the snatch of a Trout, startled me and I let it go, the Trout swimming away to fight another day.

If your Red Dasher Woolly Bugger by Dave Carrerainterested, the Fly that attracted this attention was my new Red Dasher Woolly Bugger which pleased me as it showed my Fly Tying can get the fish going, so expect many more being offered.

I was advised to make some Blue Damsel Flash variant as they go very well on the lake, I saw the evidence, and I will be making them this weekend.

And again with the kind help, I was stopped by the Bailiff who gave me some pointers on my cast, after I explained my lung restrictions, which I totally got the idea and made my casting easier and more accurate, again sir, I thank you fully for the advise.

I enjoyed the rest of the time I had until having to drag myself away to meet with a friend for coffee at the Syon Restaurant, but left brimming with confidence for my next visit in a few days time.

If your in London and fancy a great day at Syon Park Fishery then here is the link Syon Park Fishery Link, you WILL enjoy it.

I managed to take some film to, making my YouTube Fly Tying Intro when I got home and here it is

I will be making Fly Tying videos in my Solar Shed over the coming weeks and months and I hope they help you enjoy Fly Fishing like I now do.

Wishing you tight lines

Dave Carrera

20% Discount on my boxes of Flies

The Diawl Bach ( Little Devil )

that’s right, buy 2 or more boxes of the flies I offer  and get an extra 20% off, you can never have enough flies in your box 😆

The Diawl Bach ( Little Devil )6 box of Partridge and Orange flies saverWoolly Bugger by Dave Carrera

Remember, if you do not see a Fly here you need, or want me to make you a custom fly for your next fly fishing session, please CONTACT ME and I will be more than happy to help.

Wishing you tight lines

Dave Carrera

Partridge and Orange flies

Fancy Partridge and Orange Nymph fly by Dave Carrera

Here I have tied 2 versions of the “Must Have” fly for all fly boxes either side of the pond.

The Partridge and Orange Nymph


Original Partridge and Orange Nymph flyHere is the “Original” style using a Fulling Mills size 12 Heavyweight Champ hook, UNI 6/0 Orange thread (waxed) and a Small English Partridge Hackle. Simple but deadly both here in the UK and abroad.

You need 6 of these in your box, oh yes indeedy.

Fancy Partridge and Orange Nymph fly by Dave CarreraAnd right is my take, the “Fancy Partridge and Orange”.

Hook is a Fulling Mills Czech Nymph size 10
Thread is UNI 6/0 Orange (waxed)
Rib is Fin Red tinsel
Hackle is a Fancy French Partridge

I will be testing this soon and will report back on the progress but I am confident that the Partridge and Orange will not let me down and will be a go to fly, which for many Fishing Anglers, it already is

Tied a fly today, I’ve called it “TwoTone”

The Dave Carrera "TwoTone" fly

was sitting in the Solar Shed, as I do, mucking about tying flies or one sort and another, and thought of this “TwoTone” which uses two feather types and black thread, pre-waxed 8/0.

The Dave Carrera "TwoTone" flySizes 10,12 &14 using Barbless nickle hooks.

I am out fly fishing week starting 01/02/2016 and will test this and other flies I have made out. A full report will be posted here as soon as I can, but a test in my test take looks promising.

Contact Me for information or to request a custom fly tied for you

“Woolly Bugger” flies that I make


Here are 3 versions of Woolly Bugger fly fishing flies that I make and offer via my store. All are weighted for better presentation. Killer flies for all fly boxes.


Red Woolly Bugger FlyOlive Woolly Bugger FlyWhite Woolly Bugger Fly

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