Cast thy Waggler

is what I did on last Wednesdays fishing match, cold weather kept the fish from my peg again, but spent 5 happy hours casting the new Weighted Waggler

This design is simple with traditional tones where the main body is reed with hand painted sight tip in tri bands.
The weight is turned around a length of cane and inserted inside the reed which I hand drill carefully, leaving about 1/3rd of the lead showing. I then make a steel eye and wrap this and the lead using fly tying silks to secure both in place. Light coats of tough varnish seals the whole float to give a beautiful look float that casts great, and now more about this….

A couple of rubber stop beads where used either side of the float to secure it on my line and only a No.8 dust shot above the loop to loop hook link to help the maggots get down.

The weight of this float is 2aaa (1.6g) and it self cocked the instant it hit the water giving the maximum time for the bait to float down, to be taken on the drop if the fish are eager or to sit on bottom if not.

This rig got a good thrashing all day but I was not fortunate to attract lack luster fish that day, but all casts were spot on at all distances which fills me with confidence for fishing this Sunday at a pleasure match fish day with a friend.

I will report back and as always

Wishing you tight lines




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