Current PB list (Coarse & Game)

 Current PB list (Coarse & Game)
 Bream  4lb 11oz
 Barbel  1lb 2oz
First Barbel 1lb 2oz
 Carp  14lb 14lb PB Carp AEC 19th Sept 2016
Koi Carp 5lb 8oz
 Cat Fish  
 Crucian Carp  2lb 6oz
 Roach  1lb 8oz
1lb 8oz roach 6th April 2017 AEC
 Gudgeon  2 oz
 F1  1lb 8oz
 Skimmer  1lb
Pike 2lb
Dace  4oz
 Perch 10 oz
 Rudd 8 oz
 Tench 5lb 7oz
5lb 7oz Tench Harrow school 01-06-2017
 Rainbow Trout  4lb
 Brown Trout  
Sea Trout  
Roach/Bream Hybrid 1 lb
Bleak 2oz

Here is my current pb list last updated 06-06-2017

Not bad for someone that has only been fishing for a year and a half
and I am looking forward to filling in the blanks through 2017

If you know of a location I can visit to land any of the above
and you fancy letting me know where,
I look forward to you

CONTACTING ME. & hopefully with your help I can fill in the blanks.



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