Fishing Manager FREE

Fishing Manager FREE is a simple to setup and use fishing club match plugin for WordPress

The FREE Version is fully functional for a single club or club with no sub section like and Evening League or Weekend Section.

The CLUB version (to be release soon) allows multiple clubs / sections and has more functions to handle multiple cup types for the end of season

== Updates ==
14-06-2017 Many code & User Interface tidy ups and sanitation

To Install Fishing Manager 2017FREE

Go to the Plugins section in WordPress and upload the then Activate

Admin Areas

  1. Add the dates for your club match season
















2. Now add your clubs venues. If you get the details wrong you can change any match details by clicking the UPDATE button next to the venue name in the list. The green SCORED shows matches that have already had the results for the match set.













3. Add your anglers. Again if you spell the name wrong you can update it. You can add anglers at any time during the season if need be.














4.1 Choose match to add scores















4.2 Enter results. Leave blank for the anglers who did not fish. Enter weight in Lbs and Ounces.

Now make new pages for the three included SHORTCODES

and edit you main menu to list the new pages. See the DEMO pages above for the display and menu idea

fmFreehighscores shows leader board sum total of weights and points for current season

fmFreematches Shows list of matches for the current season

fmFreeFullDetails shows full details for each match

Future updates in the planning.

CLUB version :Add the possibility to have more than the one club. This will let clubs who have sub sections say a weekend and a evening league to manage both from the one area.

Each new update will include any minor changes and suggestions making a better plugin for all

Want more features ?

Then please do Contact Me with as much details as you can share with me and I will put it on the list.