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Full Results for Season 01-03-2017 / 30-04-2018

Match DateVenueAnglerWeightPoints
03-03-2017Harrow SchoolSam Brown75 Lbs 4 Oz20
John Doe44 Lbs 5 Oz16
Walter Hendry15 Lbs 5 Oz14
Dave Carrera15 Lbs 2 Oz12
Bob Fisher10 Lbs 2 Oz10
04-04-2017AEC GreenfordDave Carrera83 Lbs 3 Oz20
Sam Brown56 Lbs 6 Oz16
Walter Hendry41 Lbs 5 Oz14
Bob Fisher15 Lbs 6 Oz12
John Doe14 Lbs 2 Oz10