Dave Reacts – My new Youtube channel

Dave Reacts – My new YouTube channel

I have made a new channel at my YouTube home where I will have fun reacting to the latest news, Politics, Issue and my favourite thing, music.

You may not agree with some of my views on these topics and that is fantastic as I fully support the freedom of free speech, discussing both side of a topic until an agreed consensus is reach or we part friends, hopefully never enemies.

Click on my eye <– to visit my new channel, subscribe, click the bell icon and join in what I intend to make an enjoyable, fun, enlightning trip through lifes pathways.

My caps out

It would be very cool & appreciated if you can spare a shilling or two to support my travels via these links or link up with me via my Gab and Twitter to have a chat

Gab: @davecarrera

Minds: @davecarrera

twitter: @davecarrera3

Patreon: patreon.com/davecarrera

bitcoin: 3DwxgHuxm9QjXTtedtHs2L6hXeq38oak4p

Thank you for your time and I look forward to you visiting my channel & both of us exploring the topics I cover.

Suggest a Topic ?

Dont be shy, suggest a topic or music track for me to react to ?

CONTACT ME HERE & I will do my very best to make the React Video asap.


DC x

My video Kit on Amazon

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