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Fishing Journal. April 12th 2017. Royal Berkshire Fishing again and what a great day

Royal Berkshire Fishing again and what a great day!!!

I planed to go fishing at the Royal Berkshire Fishery for Tench, but the Tench hid away from my offerings, many more fish showed an appearance so read on to find out what.

Royal Berks Fishery Lake 3 pegFirst I would like to say a big thank you to all the team at RBF who are always friendly, helpful and give great fishing advice on where to fish on thier 3 lakes. The cafe again proved the perfect start to a days pleasure fishing . A full English, which certainly left me full, set me up to go fish Lake 3 around by the small bins. I did this spot before but today I moved down a swim as before, I had noticesd a lot of activity there which was eveident today also.

I set my chair up on the 3 paving slabs which denoted the swim, giving a nice firm base for my chair.

Todays bait was a full mix of traditionals ie Maggots, Worms, Caster and Sweetcorn with a box of pellets to attract the fish in if needed.

I like to start with one rod and then if needed add rods as I go but today I was abale t fish the full day with my Shakespeare Sigma Commercial float rod, one of my BALSA floats size 5, a 5lb main line down to hooks of sizes 14, 16 and 18 depending on how shy they fish were.

Something new to me

A new trick I read only this morning when researching Tech fishing whicj I give full credit to the legend that is Bob Nudd. In this article http://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/community/other-stuff/8296_float-fishing-tench-bob-nudd Bob shows us the use of a size 12 or MICRO swivel instaed of a loop to loop connection for you hook links.

I quote Bob on why he uses a swivel to coonect a hook link, and so do I now.
“Let me explain. I’m a big believer in attaching my main line to my hook length with a small swivel when waggler fishing. Not only does this help prevent line-spin on the retrieve, it also acts as the bottom shot on my rig.”

I also found that as the fish twists and turns, spins around try to shake you off, that the swivel seems to take all of that out of twisting the line too. I also found changing hook links to be easier too so a wonderful tip. Thank you Bob.

On with the fishing

Fishing Journal Royal Berks 12th April 2017I set out a mix of baits using my catapult to about 2 rod lengths out. A couple each of Maggots, Sweetcorn and casters. Loaded my hook with 2 maggots and cas tout. Very quickly I landed a smal Roach to start off my day and back in again which landed me my fist F1 of many for the day.

I started loosing bites for one reason or another so changed over to worm, and thank the lord I did. Bites were fast and furious each time I went back to worm as bait. I tried tempting them with corn, caste rand maggots. Even mixing them up a bit but it was only when I changed to worm that they came on the hook hard.

This tells us that having a full mix of baits to find the one that works for todays session is a must as tomorrow they will probably go nowhere near a worm and demand something else.

I took pictures of the two fish that caught my eye throught the whole session.

A 10oz (ish) stunning Roach with the most vivid red fins I have ever seen and a 1lb 8oz F1 with a great looking scale pattern.

Both put up a very strong fight indeed, stronger than their size would suggest. Great sport.

My tally for the day

I have deciffered my bankside scribbles for you to list my fish count for the day.

 Fish Log 
Roach/Bream Hybrids2







A happy summary.

I had a great day again a the Royal Berkshire Fishery and look forward to my next visit very soon. If you want to have a nice day fishing, maybe even a great snack or meal at the onsite cafe which is one of the best cafes / dinners I know off…..period, then get yourself and you friends down to the Royal Berkshire Fishery and have one hell of a fun days fishing.

As always I wish you the very tightest of lines

DC x

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