My 50th Surprise

My 50th Surprise

And a wonderful surprise 50th it was.

Yes, November 3rd 2017 I hit the big 50 & thanks to two wonderful ladies in my life, a fantastic surprise party was laid on for me.

The ladies who made it happen

Let me introduce to you to the 2 lovely ladies in my life and who made a special day extra special.

Left is Rowena Poole. Row and I have known each other a while now. I have had the pleasure working in bands with her. Row is a fantastic singer and now full time with Station House who are promoting a new album at the moment.

Right is my lovely Charlotte. 26 years she has put up with & supported me, and I her, as she is always keen to tell me, and the pair organized this secret party.

Ladies, love you both for very different reasons and I can not thank you enough for all the work you put in before and on the day.

Be very proud of yourselves as I am of you xxx


No fuss please

Charlotte had asked me a while ago what I would like on my 50th birthday. I truly wanted no fuss, just a nice night out with her and our children, huh children…. they’re all adults now lol, & right up until we pulled outside the pub, I thought we were off to a nice restaurant we know.

The pub is near Rows house so know I’m thinking a nice night with my family and true friends in the Poole Clan, Andy, Daniel and Row.

What a surprise I got when entering the pub

As I opened the door a loud “SURPRISE” shocked me, and most of the other pubs customers, many odd, very odd lol, dear friends had been invited to share our evening.

Even though I did say I wanted a quiet to fuss time, I am more than glad my ladies made this happen.

It was a massive shock to see them all and start thanking them for coming, catching up on all the news, making plans to go fishing with some, go to their gigs with others & planning time together.

In no particular order they are:

  • Jerome and Kim Marcus: Jerome helped with marketing and mentoring Carrera Drums (Jerome’s website)
  • Kit Marsden : Kit commissioned 2 custom Carrera Kits and still plays them (Kits Website)
  • Carl & Lady Gaywood: Carl commissioned Carrera kits and plays in top Ska bands
  • Scott Ottaway: Scott has Carrera drums and thankfully kept one of the last Carrera Kits which I now own, thanks Scott (Scott’s website)
  • Dr.Oli Barker: Oli helped at Carrera drums right back in the beginning, making his own Carrera Kit.
  • Tony Carpenter: Life long friend, actor and was Beaky in Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
  • Rowena, Andy & Daniel Poole: Family friends and bloody nice people xxx
  • Bob Murry: Owned a drum shop right next door to Carrera Drums first workshop and helped start Carrera Drums get into Drum Retail.
  • John & Lady Park: good friend, drum teacher, drummer & singer. (Johns Startnow page)

Wonderful people taking time out to share my special day and I thank you all for doing so.

Da Carrera Crew init!!!

This is when even though life can hit you in the face sometimes, you realize that the things you do , make a difference in peoples lives, however small.

This is a picture I am personally most proud off.

This is a line up of just some Carrera Drums players, past and present, old and new.

Mike , Charlotte and I worked tirelessly at Carrera Drums to produce what we thought where very well hand made drums which had superb sound quality .

All these guys told me on the night, they are still proud of their Carrera Drums and the sound they produce.

Again guys, I am still overwhelmed by you taking time to come celebrate my 50th and I will keep in touch with you all .


There were many more invited, but do to gig commitments they regrettably could not make it. Gigs come first guys and I will catch up with you all soon x

I am so glad my Charlotte ignored my request for a quiet night out, colluded with Row to make this special night happen.

So much laughter, happiness, stories, jokes (at my expense lol) and fun was had, bless you all xxx

Now on with the next 50 years πŸ˜‰

DC x




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