My new Fishing Brand “ImIn”

All Anglers Shout "ImIn" !!!

Fishing Accessories designed to catch

I am very happy to share with you the birth of my new Fishing accessory brand “ImIn“.

Tinkering around in my shed over the last year has allowed me to create handmade floats & fly fishing flies of which I now offer under the new “ImIn” brand.

Why “ImIn” ?

I’m confident you’ll be shouting “ImIn” when using the “ImIn” range of floats, flies and other products I am developing / designing.

ImIn” are the greatest two words I/we hear on the riverbank as an angler acknowledges their take & shares the happiness with “ImIn“.

Currently the first batch of the new “ImIn” range of floats and fly fishing flies are being finished in the shed and will be released through August 2017.

Wishing you tight lines

DC x

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