BALSA Waggler Floats

BALSA Waggler Floats
Highly Visible Floats landing more fish

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BALSA Waggler Floats
Highly Visible Floats landing more fish

Imagine this, you are on the bank side, watching your float.

The sun makes it hard to see it, causing you to miss valuable bites.

But if you are using my Balsa Waggler floats, with multiple coats of highly visible paint, make's hitting those bites easy.

Watch this short video of me hand painting the highly visible tip.

All floats are carefully handmade using AAA Grade Balsa, Nylon eye end, Hand painted eye base, Highly visible tip & hand written brand.

See my blog on how I make these great Balsa Floats

FREE inscription on your floats. (Max 3 words)

Sealed under coats of tough lacquer, making your floats last longer.

You can rely on your floats cocking weight, keeping your float where you cast it.

Incredibly sensitive even on windy days

Cocking weights for Balsa floats

Your new Balsa Waggler floats will become your "go to" floats, fishing for pleasure or club matches.

  • FREE UK Shipping
  • FREE Inscription (Max 3 words)
  • Highly visible even at distance
  • Highly visible even in bright sunlight
  • Save money, but the set
  • Handcrafted here in the UK

Wishing you tight lines

DC x

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