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Someone thought it was funny…

to kill my website.

Sorry if this is an inconvenience to you and you have landed on my site expecting to see content you might of searched for, but some sad, lonely no mates sod killed my site and if karma is real I hope it visits them with full force…..

I had to delete everything as we could not spend the time needed, as I have a life unlike my hacker, to fix it so please bare with me until I can redo what was lost, updating as I go.

This really is a case where as humans, just because we can do something we do not have to do it.

Any way, sort of rant over and on with rebuilding

Kind regards


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    Martin Elsworth

    That’s terrible mate, really sorry to hear that! Unfortunately there are some very sad low-life individuals out there with too much time on their hands!

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      Hi Martin,
      Yes its a pain but have added hopefully better things to stop this happening again.
      I mean, some lowlife is spending their life hacking “Me” I mean me, who the feck am I, no one that’s who.
      Just a simple chap getting through and illness by fishing that’s all.
      But hay, they must think im important to waste time on me 😉

      Chat soon 🙂

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