SubSister have new guitarist – meet Sten

22nd August 2018 0 By davecarrera
SubSister have new guitarist – meet Sten

SubSister have new guitarist – meet Sten

This is a SubSister update:

Pleased to announce that we, SubSister, have secured the services of Sten as our core guitarist and Alex, Sten and I am working hard to add a core Vocalist to then be able to bring you fantastic must to a pub, club and or function near you.


SubSister CoreFrom left to right SubSister core are Sten – Guitar, Alex – Bass & Me – Drums

Fingers crossed this Thursday 23-08-2018 we will have a core vocalist but more about that later.



What does “core” mean Dave ?

As we are all busy in work and other projects, core means that all being equal, ie diary dates are ok, SubSister core are Sten, Alex and I plus the new vocalist.

If any of us can not make a gig for some reason then we will call on the services of top level dep musicians we know, who are also normally a “core” member of other top bands.

With SubSister you will always have a class act at your venue or function, professional you can rely on.

DC x