SubSister In the Studio tonight (07/08/2018)

SubSister In the Studio tonight (07/08/2018)

This is a SubSister update:

Fingers crossed, I have managed to find an excellent gutarist, who by sheer fluke, has worked with Alex the bass player.

This will make generating a great set of songs much easier & I look forward to laying down the rythme for these guys.

I have asked my good mate Tony (Beaky from Dave dee, Dozy, Beaky,Mitch & tIch fame and Beakys Band) to pop along if he can to drop some vocals in the mix as I am still looking to secure a great vocalist for SubSister.

As you can probably make out, I am very excited to get in the studio and create music with these guys & hopefully will have happy news to report tomorrow.

Thats it for now & see you back here tomorrow with more news.

DC x




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