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Simple Ledger Rig

Simple Ledger Rig

Simple Ledger Rig Here I would like to share my experiences with a Simple Ledger Rig, and believe me you cannot get more simple than this to actually catch fish. What you will need: 1. A fishing rod. Preferably a rod with a sensitivity tip to spot bites. Maybe like my 10′ 6″ Shakespeare commercial…
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22nd March 2017 0
Bream cuaght on new float rod

A bad workman blames his tools …

A bad workman blames his tools but has to have the right tools in the first place. And this is where my new Shakespeare Mach3 XT Lite Match /Float rod earns its place in my collection. This first day review continues on from this post  which you might want to read first. A fishing rod…
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22nd December 2016 0
fishing - catching or bumping

Fishing – Catching or Bumping ?

Fishing – Catching or Bumping ? what do I mean ? Yesterday, 20th December 2016, I had the pleasure of my first visit to Milton Pools fishery Oxford which ended up being a lesson in Catching or Bumping. Cold, 6 degrees all day, had me worried for yet another hard day of fishing, but no,…
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20th December 2016 0

Cast thy Waggler

is what I did on last Wednesdays fishing match, cold weather kept the fish from my peg again, but spent 5 happy hours casting the new Weighted Waggler This design is simple with traditional tones where the main body is reed with hand painted sight tip in tri bands. The weight is turned around a…
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8th December 2016 0