17.4m Leave voters should abstain

17.4m Leave voters should abstain from voting in the forthcoming general election & here is my rationale for thinking so.

Now Saint Nigel has shown his true colours and effectively backed the “New Deal” of Boris Johnson, that he was ripping apart only 4 days ago as per the date of this post. We are now truly looking at a voting choice of REMAIN regardless of which party we give our vote to.

Apparently Nigel was talked into dropping candidates in Conservative seats on the “promise” that Boris will not ask for another extension com Dec 2020 and will go for a Canada+ deal with the EU.

And today, 12-11-2019, the top Conservatives are asking Nigel to stand down in marginal Labour seats as well.

Cant have anything resembling a Leave contingent in the new HARD REMAIN Parliament they are trying to fashion can we…….

Do you trust Boris with not doing another extension?

No & nor do I and any sane person would come to the same result.

The “New Deal” is basically the MAY deal which locks us into the EU for ever but now locks Northern Island into the EJC and Customs union while the “Transition period” is in play.

Article 126 the Transition Period

Is a nice short barely 2 liner of an Article which I have a screen shot here for you, yes I have ready the WA, have you ?

Article 126 WA

Notice what is missing?

No mention of a clause to NOT extend past the date mentioned, which in legal and political speak is we have the option to extend. Which Boris will do.

I hope you are waking up to the fact that this general election has been crafted to only ever offer a REMAIN majority Parliament to push through this MAY WA deal trapping us into the EU Empire forevermore. The plan.

So my question is this, why should we true patriots of the UK who voted to Leave the EU give our valuable vote to any of the parties involved with this charade of an election ?

By voting we are condoning & rewarding their complete treachery of our ancient democracy and us.

I for one can not in my heart and via my conscience do this, so I call for a complete abstention from voting in this General Election by Leave voters and any Remainers who are honorable and wanted to see democracy done.

So this is what I am doing.

I will sit at home and sleep well in the knowledge that I did not vote for and reward these cowards, traitors and shysters, awaiting karma to take its natural course.

Please help share this tag #AbstainFromVoting via your social media accounts.

But as always I am very open to true debate and if I have missed something please feel free to comment below and I will reply



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