3 New Positive Life Chapters: Fishing, Bass Guitar Playing and now Freemasonry

As life chapters close, new ones are started.

Three new chapters, Fishing, Bass Guitar Playing and now Freemasonry have been started.

New Chapter No.1 Fishing

14lb PB Carp AEC 19th Sept 2016As some of you may know I started fishing about 18 months ago to help get fresh air into my lungs, which I and my doctors believe has contributed to my COPD being kept stable at 60%. This new chapter in my life I share here with you in my Journals of which I hope you enjoy reading.

New Chapter No.2 Bass Guitar playing

I have tried hard over the last few years to get back into drumming, my true love and passion, but the muso gods have declared that drumming is no longer a path I must travel. But they did not say I could not learn something new. So I have recently bought a second hand Bass Guitar, a Yamaha BB200, and am enjoying learning how to play it. It will never be a full replacement for drumming but at least I can still have some fun at local jam nights knocking out a blues or rock and roll number very soon.

New Chapter No.3 Freemasonry

Royal Union 382 offical photograph initiation of Dave Carrera 15 May 2017 FreemasonryThe newest chapter in my life’s story is becoming a Freemason.

Monday May 15th, I took my fist step & was guided through a wonderful double initiation ceremony laid on for both me and my new Brother James, my masonry twin.

My new lodge is Royal Union 382 and all of my new brothers worked hard over the last few months to make sure both James and I, had a memorable experience to look fondly back on as we both study the craft.

It was made extra special for me that two friends Brother John Park and Brother Dave Rowe took the time to my freemason initiation 15-05-2017come along from their respective lodges to support my initiation & I would like to reiterate my heart held thanks to both of them for taking the time to do so.

The festive dinner afterwards was a really nice time to get to know some of my new brothers and enjoy the lovely food the staff of the lodge had prepared for us.

I am so glad that I did not search Google or what the Series on Sky about Freemasonry, as not knowing what was to happen, added even more to what was and very enjoyable evening & something I humbly suggest you try to adhere to, if you would like to join your local lodge.

So yes in life, chapters close and for me, like you, ones I hoped would never end, but with an open heart and mind, three new chapters for me have opened and each has already shown promise of being a positive addition to my life and I look forward to sharing the best bits as they unfold.

As always I wish you well and thank you for reading

DC x



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