A big thank you to the NHS

A big thank you to the NHS

NHS staff nurseA big thank you to the NHS Ealing hospital where I found myself back in their care today, 29-12-2018, due to what I now know as an infection to my dodgy lung.

A little history if I may. Some of you might know that about 7 years ago my right lung collapsed what ended up being 3 times in a month.

The great staff at Ealing fixed the first two instances of which I am eternally grateful and the third was finally fixed by the equally skilled and professional staff at Hammersmith hospital.

How do you thank a man for making you breathe a gain ?

This operation glued the inner and outer lung together, roughed up the inside of my rib cage and then glued the lung to the cage to prevent collapsing again.

Sorry if you was eating your tea just then 😉

As you can imagine I have to look after my lungs because the doctors get a bit annoyed if you stop breathing, they told me not to do that and look after myself.

This I have been doing and via great care of my NHS GP I have been doing well.

This years flu jab did not go well at all

This year I suffered with the flu like no year before, even after the free jab, and after a course of antibiotics and steroids, I thought I had shaken it off.

For the last week or so I have been extremely tiered and breathing has been laboured but it was not until 1am this morning that my lung told be it had the major hump.

I awoke to a massive pain in the right side of my chest, close to as bad as it was when my lung collapsed years before, so obviously I sat there worrying this was the case.

I bought my own tester that tells you your blood oxygen levels, the thing the doctor puts on your finger if needed, and this told me the levels were low, 92 to 95, but not low enough to suggest a collapse.

I chilled a little and watched YouTube videos until my household woke to plan what to do.

The conversation was not long and off to Ealing hospital we went.

After a little light comedy

moment at the booking in desk where Mrs C and I were asked how long we had been divorced, a tick in the wrong box had been placed previously for some reason and oh how we laughed lol.

I was given an ECG not long after being asked to sit in the waiting area and this came back confirming I was still alive, which was a confidence boost I can tell you.

Not many minutes after that I had a consultation with the doctor who escalated me up to the Emergency section as he was concerned that I either had fluid on the lung, it had collapsed or a secondary infection and wanted me to be fully checked over.

Had my bloods taken and a nice piece of NHS bling given to me as per the pictured here.

After some more consultations with more doctors an x ray was booked and was taken in no time at all.

Whilst waiting for the X ray and blood test results, in the Emergency section bed bays, I posted updates to my Twitter and was, and still am, touched by the kindness shared by you all.

The Doctor popped back to give me the good news, it was a secondary infection and not a collapsed lung or fluids.

After boosting me up with what looked like the biggest dose of antibiotics I had ever seen via my bling tubes, along with some pain killers, I was told to wait for the blood results and my prescribed drugs.

These to be taken until a check up appointment at the hospital in a few days, which he had already made.


In only 4 hours I was fully checked over, blood tests completed, X ray taken and studied, condition diagnosed, treatment plan established and initial pain relief and further drugs given.

All with care, empathy, humour and professionalism, free at the point of need.

This has been my experience of the NHS throughout my life and that of my family with delivery of 3 children, the various medical issues that have come along and my major lung issue.

So I just want to say a big, no MASSIVE THANK YOU to all NHS staff for delivering an incredible service under at times, testing conditions.

In my mind you are the UK’s angels and I will always do my best to champion you in any way I can.

Thank you for your service.

Kindest reagrds





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