A Bream of a Smile

A Bream of a Smile

as you can see from the pictures, that is one hell of A Bream of a Smile on my face as on a quick session before going to 2, yes 2, birthday parties in the evening, I manged to land 3 x 3lb+ Bream one of which being my PB at 4lb 5oz, (UPDATE 14-03-2017: New PB 4lb 11oz) previous being 4lb.

I would like to take this chance to share some margin fishing tactics I used on my clubs lake to catch these Bream which I worked on at the recent visit to Royal Berkshire (blog here).

Like all tactics that produce fish catches it is simple to rig up and simple to work your area and land fish from small 2oz Roach upto cruising large Carp.

Current rig

This is a very simple rig in which you can use your favorite float. I use the No.7 Balsa float I make which takes 2 x SSG & 2 x No.1 split shots to cock to the base of the orange top, as per the picture I add a No.6 shot anywhere from 4 to 12″ from the hook as my tell tale shot.

I am also fishing this over depth by 2 to 6 inches and have caught Roach, Perch, Rudd and the Bream which I will be discussing shortly, so is now my goto rig for distance and margin float fishing.

My bait has also been very simple, Maggots….. yep just good old maggots. I have been buying a mix of Reds and Bronze maggots from my local tackle shop, but I think the reds are getting more attention so in future trips I will stick to Reds.

In the Margins is where to be.

I have noticed that recently, maybe because the weather has warmed up a bit, that most of my landed fish, and most of the missed fish, are coming from the margins. In the case of these three Bream they were all caught right under my rod tip. No more than 6 feet from my pegs front which is a little eerie knowing there are fish essentially under your feet.

To be honest the first Bream which took so close in, was a bit of a shock. The float went under fully, no delicate nibbles here, and for a moment I thought I had a Carp on. I must also say that after a very long drought in silvers fish I have had at our clubs lake, I and some of the fellow members who were fishing also, where relived that these wonderful Bream where still in the lake as they had not been seen for some time.

I was given 3lb on the first Bream and it was safely put back in the lake and after the usual Bream sulk, laying flat for a few seconds, it righted, flicked its tail and was off.

I am going to skip to the third Bream I caught as I want to share the full story of my PB in a minute. The third Bream was caught close to my having to leave earlyish. I had two birthday parties, a 40th and a 60th in separate locations to attend which I must say was great fun, both birthday girls had great nights and made me feel like I was 21 again, back in the days when double and even triple parties in one night were a norm šŸ˜‰

Again this Bream took the bait strongly and this on start a mad dash run away but gave in quick and came in like a sack of spuds. 3lb + was given and it was released safely back into the lake.

My new PB at 4lb 5oz

So back to Bream two. Like the others it did not muck about taking the bait and on striking into the fish I could tell it was a bit heavier, and stronger, than the first. It put up a great fight for a Bream, refusing the net twice, but eventually it gave up and was landed safely and placed in my landing bag. This one got the attention of the bailiff and treasurer of our club were working on the grounds and after admiring the Bream we weighed it in.

After deducting the weighing sake a nett weight of 4lb 5oz was given and is now my personal best (PB) which was previously 4lb.

All in all with the pb and the fun parties in the evening, Saturday 18th Feb 2017 has gone down for me as a truly great day and as for the fishing, I plan to stick with this tactic and see what else it gives me over the coming weeks and months. Never fear I will report back here with all the details.



Wishing you tight lines

DC x






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