A tale of two days

A tale of two days

A tale of two days summarySit down,grab a coffee as I am about to tell you a tale of two days fishing.

I have been able to fish two venues over the last couple of days, 15th and 16 Feb 2017, as the temperature had warmed up, hovering about 11 degrees, the promise of better winter fishing was offered.

My first trip , and now last, to Lizard Lakes West Drayton. It is my last not because I only caught 3 small Roach but because of the general state of the venue and that I lost due to my carelessness or someones light fingers, I air towards the later, a new reel I was going to test. I know this can not be credited to the venue but it dose show the caliber of clients it attracts. And for the money, £10, there are many better maintained and stocked venues, of which my next venue exemplifies.

Day two was an eagerly awaited return visit to Royal Berkshire Fishery‘s accompanied again by my fishing buddy Walter who I thank for taking the pictures of fish in this blog.


The best way to start a pleasure days fishing.

A tale of two days breakfast

The cafe at the fishery was our first stop. after paying and having our nets checked, as I had deliberately not had breakfast so that I could treat my self to the full English Breakfast they offer, and I am glad I did. The cafe is one of those true gems in life that you stumble on and the ladies who run it really care about what the do and offer.

£6 was all that was asked for this morning feast which powered me up for the rest of the days fishing.

Over breakfast Walter and I planned to leave lake 3 alone, we had already done this before which you can read about here, and was advised Lake 1 fishing pegs by the incomplete bridge on the far left back. It is the deepest section but to be honest not much of the lake as we found fishes over 5 to 6 feet.

So we setup either side of the bridge posts and I set my simple Carp rig up casting to the left of the overhanging tree, choosing to float fish ahead and close to the island in front of us. Walter setup his float rig and fished ahead and to the right.

A tale of two days 10lb 11oz Carp no.1I kept getting single bleeps on my carp rig, which we put down to the wind, but after about 20 minutes the rig rang the prolonged beeps that tell you to strike and play whatever fish has sucked in your bait.

Locking into the fish I gave it plenty of time to play around trying to shake me off, loose me in the edges, make bolt runs a couple of times,allowing the carp to circle rings, lunge and tier itself out before showing me it is time to come in the net.

And what a lovely start to the day. A beautiful 10lb 11oz Common Carp in a silvery hue, which after admiring long enough for Walter to take this picture, was carefully released strong and fighting fit back into lake 1.

I was still working the float, one of my new Balsa floats, but the wind picked up, we were sitting with it in our faces, so changed tactic and ran an open ended feeder to my left by the tree.

This is where the flexibility of my new Shakespeare Commercial float rod came into its own. I forgot to load my dedicated Shakespeare feeder rod, so cast the float rod with a 20g feeder. The rod states it can take upto 30g so here goes.

I carry some dry ground bait mix so loaded up the feeder popped on 2 maggots and cast out. Within minutes the tips was bouncing and I striked into the fish which ended up being a beautiful 6-8oz Rudd. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture and landed 3 like this.

TheA tale of two days margin float wind was picking up a bit more making it uncomfortable for us to fish so we moved to the opposite pegs and reset our game plan. I A tale of two days margin floatcast out my Carp rig and decided to float fish the margins, playing the “bait and have patience” game, to see what I could land.

The wind was now behind us and the sun came out every now and again making the bait and wait easier. It was not to long before the small Roach started enjoying the table of bait I had laid and on a lift to recast a greedy Perch launched at the 2 maggots. They do that don’t you know 😉

What I class as the best fish for me of the day showed itself. A definite drop of the now size 7 Balsa float, I change to the heavier to help with the wind which it did, and I was playing the distinctive “donk donk lunge” of a Roach with some more power than the small 4oz one I landed earlier. On landing Walter must of been watching as I heard a “Nice fish Dave” coming from his peg and I must admit it was truly a nice Roach in my net. We gave it 12oz but silly me forgot to take a picture so sorry about that folks. Will do better next time.

A tale of two days 11lb 4oz Carp no.2 I was getting over the fun and joy of landing that nice Roach when the buzzer went off on my Carp rig. I struck into the fish, this one wanted to play harder than the first and all sorts of size ideas went through my head, was it a 20, god I hope its my first 20….

It obviously knew where all the obstructions were but my Nash H-Gun Dwarf 6ft 3lb rod handled it all and using the clutch on the reel and the power of the rod, I let it play itself out and landed the golden beauty shown in the picture Walter took for me.

We weighed her, or him, registering 11lb 4oz of golden yumminess.

This was the que to call it a day as the lake has closing times and today’s was 5pm.

In summary

The Royal Berkshire fishery has not disappointed both Walter and I on the 2 occasions we have visited recently and I have every confidence that it will be a pleasure again on our return, which will be soon. You to will have fun fishing for all kinds of sport in a very friendly well appointed fishery.

I have learned a lot about myself and fishing in the last few weeks, dealing with the frustration of a long fish drought regardless how I fished, figuring out its not me and how certain lakes fish at certain times of the year. Taking a simple approach to fishing makes for a more pleasurable experience. Patience is the best skill you can have or learn in your fishing armoury & move about finding better spots to fish, if your not in a match of course, to stack the odds in your favour. Buying flexible gear to, makes fishing simpler and lighter to carry.

Wishing you tight lines

DC x




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