About Dave

Where do I start ?

Well my first passion and true love is / was playing drums starting around 1979 in various MOD bands progressing into dep work and then into function bands playing in many bands all over the UK and Europe.

In 2009 I realized another dream which was to make my own drums, being a C&G qualified Carpenter, and this I managed creating Carrera Drums. Over six hard years, I will explain this next, we created some of the best drums in the UK and some are kind enough to say even further afield.

We also made the drum shells powering some of the biggest brands around the world, something I am still proud off today.

So why was your dream hard Dave?

Well other than the usual start up mistakes and struggles experienced by most small businesses, a couple of years in I suffered a spontaneous lung collapse in my right lung.

I had a gig the next day and in typical drummer style, I told my band mates my lung had gone pop, i was in the hospital but don’t worry I would be at the gig no fear……. my bands mates rightly called me a prat, cancelled the gig and came to see me the next day.

8 days later…. I nagged the great staff at NHS Ealing Hospital to let me go home as my stats were erm sort of ok, but they were concerned and sent me for a yet another xray. To everyone’s horror another collapse was happening right there and then,which warranted an emergency lung tube insertion on my bed .

This they did and a further 10 days later I was home.

Back at Carrera Drums it went pop for the third time and this time I was sent to NHS Hammersmith Hospital for an emergency lung operation.

In short my lung was glued together, the inside of my rib cage rubbed up and then my now red raw lung glued to my rib cage to stop it collapsing…. sound sore ? It still is 6 years later !!!

I went back to Carrera Drums and with help from Mike and Charlotte, we made further great drums and then cam the killer a couple of years later.

I had a CT scan and it as found 40% of my lungs had “disappeared” due to smoking, which I had already given up just before my first collapse. And I was given a stark choice. Make drastic changes to give my lungs all the chances to keep me alive or not a die in five years.

So i closed Carrera Drums due to the fine dust, even after extraction, which was deemed a big contributory factor, and started COPD exercises and as you know started Fishing to get fresh air in my lungs.

So far so good.

Since making these drastic changes, my lungs have stabilized at 60% for the last set of tests and after dragging myself out of the inevitable depression major changes nah loss I had suffered, I can happily say So far so good.

Fishing has taught me so much in calming down, patience and putting things in perspective, which I put down to having the time to think properly about things in-between the fun of landing a fish.

So since the end of 2015, I have enthusiastically dived into fishing and have enjoyed nearly every minute. I say nearly as blanking on a freezing winters days is not fun not matter who you are lol.

My future

If you have not guessed already the bulk of my future will be in fishing.

Currently I am building my River fishing skills and write a blog about each and everyone, regardless if I catch a fish or not.

I am also on my first rung of becoming a Master Freemason which I am enjoying too and will post blogs as I progress over the coming years