An update on my Match Fishing adventures

An update on my Match Fishing adventures

Here is An update on my Match Fishing adventures and why it stalled for 2018 and now moved to start 2019

The short answer to why 2018 did not see the start of my 5 year Match Fishing plan is Life !!!

Lots of little things got in the way of fishing which all rightly to precedence and the accumulative effect was no time to dedicate to fishing, especially full on match fishing.

Biding my time I had the pleasure to watch my twin girls successfully complete all of their A Levels. One has now start a photography degree.

They both also completed their ballet time at the school they have been attending since they were 5 year’s, 13 years has whizzed by, and effectively have A Levels in that too.

then the family car started messing about costing money and more importantly time to fix, 2 months in total, back and forth to the garges’s, but fingers crossed it is running ok now.

Rescheduled for 2019.

A busy 2018, mostly unexpected, has meant that i have now rescheduled my match fishing campaign for 2019 and have already made in roads into the organisers of key “starter” matches.

From next week I will restart my self imposed training and can not wait to get my Drennan Acolyte Float and Feeder rods out in anger tightening up my skills.

I will post more updates as soon as i have them and looking forward to posting my results from the matches I compete in through 2019.

Wishing you well & thank you for your support

DC x

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