Another Update May 2018!

Another update

Hello again and here is another major update as I have been busy lately & again neglected my little slice of the web here at, of which i hope to correct now.

Come Monday 21st May 2018, 1 year ago, seems longer for all the right reasons, I joined Freemasonary & started on my personal path within it.

Over the last year I have been privilidged to visit about 6 other lodges across West London and UGLE in London as an EA to experience as much as I can at my level, which has been an incedably nice experience meeting brothers from all walks of life, all eager to help me along my path.

I have also been priviledged to be a Caster for the Masonic Fishing Charity which is for me one of the most enjoyable things I have been involved with in my life and am looking forward to helping in the coming years.

1 year ago if you asked me to stand up in front of people and from memory, recite some scripted lines I would of had to think long and hard as speaking in public is not a strong point of mine.

Never in 30+ years of playing drums have I ever had “stage fright” but the thought of standing there without the protection of my drums and delivering a speech filled me with dread.

But what a difference a year makes. On Monday 21st I will be delivering something called the “Working Tools” for a very good friend of mine, who is taking his first step and joining our lodge

After plucking up the courage to do this bit of the ritual for my friends initiation, my fellow brothers at RU382 have helpped me with thier kindness and patience, tips and advice and now I am brimming with confidence, hopefully not to much, and am eager to deliver my part confidently and creativley adding positivly to my friends initiation.

I am also giving my very 1st toast at the meal afterwards, still have to write this which I will do after this blog, and since I know I can deliver the tools, my confidence is high that I will deliver a nice, heart felt taost to my friend and soon to be brother.

So what has Freemasonry done for me in my first year ?

Well i think you can guess already that the main thing is belief in myself and my lodge brothers, but also that the fraternity of Freemasons world wide are in some way behind me, which bolsters my confidence even more so over the coming years, I become a better man and Freemason as was laid out at my initiation.

What will my friend get out of Freemasonry, or you if you join ?

I honestly do not know, as we all take and find our own path in Freemasony wherever and however it leads us which for me is just one of the exciting things about Freemasonry.

Wishing you well as always

DC x




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