Audio Technica LP120USB

Here is my short review of both the AT LP120USB turntable and the Pro Ject Head Box 2 to achieve great Vinyl record reproduction and enjoyment.

First the Audio Technica LP120USB. I got mine via Amazon for £240 from AT direct and it arrived well packed. The initial setup via the instructions was easy and within 15 minutes I had the arm / head balanced, switch on, record on the platter and ready for the next bit…..

The AT does NOT have a headphone socket. Not a problem if you are going to set it up via a power amp plus speakers or powered speakers but if like me, eviction would come quicker than a speeding bullet of you cracked up your amp past volume 2, then headphones is the only way.

To get your headphones working you need a Headphone amp.

After reaching out to one of the HiFi forums I purchased the Pro Ject Head Box 2.

I feed the phono lead to the head box and loaded an LP to see how it all worked together.

Hmmm wheres the volume ????

I cranked the Head Box 2 to full volume and my mind expected full on number 11 Wembley volume but my ears only heard a bit more than a whisper, something was up.

After reaching out to the wonderful support staff at AT, I had a re-read of the Pro Ject product info web page

* Bypass RCA loop output for additional amplifier

I thought to myself, I wounder if that means switch the AT LP120 switch from Phone to LINE……. guess what….. yes it did lol.

From a disappointing whisper to a full, warm rich sound experience at a flick of a switch.

So the lesson here is RTFM…..

I now have a compact, quality vinyl setup to check all of the records I sell via my new vinyl store at

I will also be making album review videos for the new website too and I hope you will like them as they build up into a useful library for all of us to share.

I suppose a great bonus is being able to revisit my youth listening to music I grew up with & discovered new to me audio I have never heard before.

So if this sounds like a setup you need both are available via Amazon and I wish you great times listening & enjoying your music.
AT LP120USB Turntable
Pro Ject Head Box 2



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