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Do you need an Anti Virus App ?

Well at the time of writing this piece, I am 36 hours into “trying” to recover data from an infected hard drive on a key PC of a business that only had the built in antivirus (AV).

If they had a fully fledge job specific Anti Virus like Avast then I would not be sending in an eye watering invoice for the hours I have spent on trying to fix the issue, let alone the waste of business time for my customer.



Installing Avast Free Antivirus is simple. to download your FREE copy NOW!!!

Just click the INSTALL NOW button on the Avast website and follow the onscreen instructions which will download the app.

Run the download App and follow the onscreen instruction to comple the installation.






Running Avast:

After the installation is complete is is best to run a scan of your machine, even if you THINK it is ok, just to first check the installtion went ok and to double check your PC or Mac is clean and fit for use.

Double click the Avast icon on your desktop or click Start Button -> Avast then click the big green button that say Run Smart Scan.

Let it run and fingers crossed it shows you do not have any issues.


No problem just follow the cleaning up procedures offered, which might mean you need to restart you machine a couple of times to get rid of the virus once and for all.

If Avast Antivirus scans detect any issues, you can select what action you want Avast to perform by using the drop-down menu. The following actions are available:

  • Auto: attempts to repair the file. If unsuccessful, moves the file to the Virus Chest or deletes the file if neither action is successful.
  • Delete: permanently removes the file from your PC.
  • Repair: removes malicious code if the file is only partially infected. This action is not possible if the entire code is malware.
  • Chest: sends the file to the Virus Chest where the file cannot harm your system (recommended).
  • Nothing: makes no changes to the contents or location of the file (not recommended).

If you do not want Avast to perform any actions now, click Back to exit the screen. You can manage unresolved scan detections at any time in ProtectionScansScan history.

So dont wait for trouble

Click, Download and Install Avast now, for FREE, and save yourself a lot of avoidable trouble, and i big bill from someone like me to fix the mess.

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