Boris plans law to block EU Extensions

If like me you saw a gaping flaw in the WA namely Article 126 where as it never said no further extensions, as it was wide open for both the UK and EU could force extensions on extensions, then this announcement is good news.

Boris is planning to set into Law no further extensions and it is either a negotiated deal or WTO come Dec 2020, no more time wasting.

I will be looking at the detail of the proposed law which is probably being put to the House on Friday 20th to see if it truly does stop further extensions.

A warning.

If true then this sets a fixed transition phase to end regardless 31st Dec 2020 but what deal would be negotiated in a short time as this ?

Could it be that to get a deal that works for all the deal in the end is rushed and rubbish?

Based on this I favour an immediate WTO and negotiation from the outside in, a stand of strength to get a free trade deal only with no legal or political bindings.

If nothing else it will be interesting to see how the twists and turns pan out over the next couple of months as it is then we will see the intention of both sides reveal themselves.

Dave Carrera



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