Boris wins the UK 2019 Election

Now the real work begins

Boris Johnson has won a resounding victory for the Conservatives in the 2019 GE.

He holds a true majority which has held back getting things done in Parliament for the last decade.

This majority means he can get through legislation to get domestic needs sorted out and finally “Get Brexit Done”

All good yes? Well hold ya horses.

If you have read my other posts, I lay bare my underlying distrust of all Politician’s, a healthy viewpoint for all in my opinion, and especially for Boris.

I do not hide the fact that I think the deal Boris is pushing through is a sugared-up version of the May deal that was defeated 3 times.

But it is time I give Boris the benefit of the doubt as I hope he proves me wrong and come December 2020, we have left the EU with a trade deal that DOSE NOT lock us into the EU via back door tricks & sleight of hand.

I and many others will be watching with distrusting eyes every move he and the Conservatives make, bringing them to account any falsehood along the way.

Marxism is dead

Now onto comrade Corbyn

Just like the Militant take over of the Labour party we all new and loved, I voted for Labour many times, Momentum have again trashed the party with its extreme Marx / Trotsky views & student like childish rhetoric, coupled with the anti-Semitism rampant in the hard left of the party.

Again, the party has to clear out these lunatics if it is to recover from the massive, historical losses it has suffered.

If loosing seats that have been Labour controlled since 1931 is not a wake-up call then they deserve to be swept into history.

I for one look forward to the Cobynistas of Momentum to be history over the coming weeks along with Corbyn himself.

Over to you President Trump

Sir we have tackled the hard left in our country and now it is over to you to crush the hard-left communists in your countries Democratic party.

These global red book waving extremists need to be taught that the world will not yield to their image of utopia and that freedom for all is the only goal worthy of pursuit.

The controlled thought, speech, written word with threats of de-personing and prisoning are not what the world needs to move forward together into a bright future.

So in summary

In the UK we now have a new politic where finally a party has a working majority and does not need to buckle to the whims of the minority to gain support.

Time to push through with Getting Brexit Done (PROPERLY)
Time to invest in all our UK citizens
Time to invest in our services that we hold dear to our hearts like the NHS and Education
Time to heal the divisions through bringing the success of Brexit into all our lives and show the doubters that the UK is a Great Britain for all who share our dream.

But remember Boris, I and millions like me are watching you and your chums every move and your god help you if we are let down……… AGAIN!!!!



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