Brexit – Aint going to happen

Brexit has been the greatest con trick in modern democracy, oh and that has gone now too.

I am not going to lament over the last 3 and a bit years of the twists and turns the snakes in Parliament, both houses, have taken to create this facade of Leaving the EU project but will spend my time here today sharing how I see things as they are today and going forward.

We in the UK find ourselves revving up for yet another election of a new government that will NOT see us leaving the EU in anyway shape or form.

I can already hear the sarcastic cheers of the those who have fought to keep us in the EU project, remainers, and I can see you leavers sitting there with puzzled looks as to why I think we are not leaving and why its been a cleverly crafted con trick all along,

Here is the basic proof of my reasoning.
Lets take a real look at the candidates on offer (parties) to see what I mean.

Conservatives via Boris Johnson.

I think anyone with half a brain has already worked out that the “New Deal” Boris has been trumpeting around for the last couple of weeks is nothing more than a rehashed May deal (95%) with our cousins in Northern Ireland (5%) locked into the EU legally and financially for an undetermined amount of time. Made to sit on the naughty step for the rest of the UK as it were.

A vote for Conservatives is a true vote to Remain, dont kid yourself its anything else.

Labour via Jeremy Corbyn

Another remain in the EU party but with extreme Marxist policies added on.
Today’s Labour party remind me of the days of when Militant had its hands around the neck of the party and very nearly killed it. Momentum, today’s Militant, are doing the very same thing and some like me are now calling it the “anti UK party”.
The working man in the UK sadly has no or at the very best very little representation via the Labour party, a party i voted for on many occasions, inc Bliar, for which I apologize.

A vote for Labour is a vote to Remain and adopt full Open Boarders Marxists policies.

Lib Dems via Jo Swinson

To be fare to the Lib Dems they have taken a 100% full on hard stay in the EU stance and have not hidden this fact. Enough said really as my point is proven

Lib Dems is a vote to Remain in the EU project.

Brexit Party via Nigel Farage

A lot of people are saying that a vote for the Brexit Party is a wasted vote as it will split the main party votes. But as I hope you can see it really does not matter, as all of the main parties, those with a realistic chance of forming the next Government, are ALL REMAIN parties.

It will really make no difference to the end result if Nigel takes votes from here there and everywhere.

UKIP, Nigels last party, gained over 4 million votes in the 2015 general election an awarded with one seat.

And as I have written before in pasts posts, I am not really convinced by Saint Nigel as I sense something not quiet right in the background with him personally and his Brexit Party backers. Dont ask me what it is but there is something I am sure will come out later in the wash.

Edit pm 31-10-2019

I had a chat with some friends tonight and we agreed that there is only one way, unlikely to happen, but a chance that Nigel is good for his word of a clean Brexit & if all the Leave voters of 2016 vote for the Brexit Party then maybe, just maybe a clean break could happen. I personally doubt it but it is a chance.

A vote for the Brexit Party really does not matter

Cons are a vote for Remain
Labs are a vote for remain
Libs Are a vote for remain
BXP upto you but make no difference

What we have in front of us is the modern day LibLabCon alliance to remain in the EU

And this is what I mean by we have been royally conned in all of this Leave the EU issue.

The last 3 years have been used to slowly and slyly craft a situation where regardless how we vote on the 12th December, it will mean we stay in the EU forever. The plan all along.

Unless we the people storm the Houses of Parliament and call a Republic for a while akin to Cromwell, then we are going to have to retract, withhold, withdraw our vote, which if given, condones the action of these treacherous shysters actions, withdraw all support for bodies that supported this situations, BBC and all media, and businesses and so on, maybe even a withholding of Tax.

I think the reality is we need to start a quite revolution and sit on the fences, keep our votes in our pockets, until the EU project collapses, which it most certainly will within the next ten years, probably starting economically in France and Germany.

All we have left is the knowledge that when the EU project ends we will morally have the right to tell our forsaken brothers and sisters “We told you so”.

It’s a sad time for the UK & European Democracy.

Viva la revolution



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