Brexit Party. A Wasted Vote?

Is a vote for the Brexit Party a truly wasted vote in the upcoming UK General Election?

If you have read my piece Brexit Aint Going to happen then my arguments as to why still hold true for this article but I want to now explore the Brexit Party vote question

Many people on social & main stream Media are saying that a vote for the Brexit Party will split the Conservative vote and cause Labour to get hold of power, a nightmare situation for all of which I agree.

But the choice has not changed one bit.

All three main parties are REMAIN in the EU parties so regardless which one you vote for we are staying in the EU and #Brexit is over.

Some key Social media creators are actually trying to sell the idea that we leavers, true leavers, must vote Tory (Conservative) to get a Brexit as anything else is a vote to remain.

I argue the opposite as yes a Labour or Lib Dem vote will keep us as a vassal state of the EU but voting Tory will lead to the longest drawn out set of negotiations ever known in modern political times with the aim of wearing down the Leave voter resistance so we all agree to call Leaving off.

How? There is a date in the Withdrawal agreement that gives Dec 2020 as the end date but as we have seen, reality is that extension after extension will be used to wear down the UK voter will to fight for a true Leave brexit.

No? Then explain recent examples over the last three years.

If the Tories truly want to Leave then they could of done this, and still can, buy Repealing the European Communities Act 1972. In a stroke we would be free of the EU, but as we have seen they do not want to truly leave.

Thats is why we SHOULD vote for the Brexit Party.

They are the only party thats is selling a true Leave the EU policy, no strings attached and is why all real Leave voters should vote for them.

Imagine the numbers for one minute.

If half of all the peoples who voted to Leave in 2016, 2017 & by voting the Brexit Party in the last EU elections, then a number of votes in the region of 8 to 9 million could be achieved.

I know that we are in a FPTP system and those votes will not necessarily lead to HoC seats, but a few will, say around 15 to 20, and with the knowledge that they have this number of people backing them, true real change can happen, BUT ONLY IF WE WANT IT TO.

I would actually goes as far to say that today, right now, if you are a true LEAVE the EU voter that it is your Patriotic duty to vote for the Brexit Party, the only party who truly back you and me in wanting to Leave the EU.

So yes, even with my doubts about Nigel, I am now going to vote for the Brexit Party, the only vote that does not reward treacherous acts of a Parliament that as work so hard to keep us in the EU & truly free us from the ever growing EU Empire (GUY VERHOFSTADT’s speech at the Liberal Democrat party conference)

My recent Twitter joke says it all about the Conservitives recent actions and true nature.



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