British Democracy is dead

British Democracy is dead

but don’t worry, we can restore it.

Our parliament is a single ruling entity.

The two main  parties, our government run by the Conservatives and Labour the main opposition, are in effect a single force running our country.

Forget all the pantomime in the House of Commons and PMQ’s, they are both  working to keep the UK well and truly stuck on the sinking ship that is the EU Project.

This should worry both remain and leave voters.

Why? well this two fingers up to the democratic vote of 2016 to Leave the EU is also a slap in the face to the Remain side as well.

It is saying in full view, that regardless how any vote the public take, if Parliament says it wants to follow a different path then so be it, as what are the voters going to do.

If you truly believe in Democracy where a voting majority rules, then we should all unite and fight this tyranny that has infested our beautiful democracy, one revered around the world.

They want you not to vote in future.

Its true, think about it for a minute.

If the ruling elite need less and fewer votes to stay in power to complete their globalist aims, then getting us to give up on voting is key.

Less voting by a disenchanted public means that eventually voting will be only done by their backers and cronies and this will keep them stay just where they want to be.



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