Fishing – Catching or Bumping ?

Fishing – Catching or Bumping ? what do I mean ?

fishing - catching or bumpingYesterday, 20th December 2016, I had the pleasure of my first visit to Milton Pools fishery Oxford which ended up being a lesson in Catching or Bumping.

Cold, 6 degrees all day, had me worried for yet another hard day of fishing, but no, the fish were up for it.

The first lesson I learn was to bring food and more coffee.

Cafe was not open, its only open weekends, so that has been noted for all future visits to all venues lol.

So now about the bumping of fish.

For a while now, mainly during winter silver fishing, I have suffered with striking for a bite and It not taking or bumping off fish during the reel in to the net.

I have gone through blaming the venues, the fish “sucking” the bait and not taking, wind direction, basically every excuse I could think off to try and answer why I was loosing so many fish.

My fishing buddy, Walter, on the other hand was hardly loosing any fish, on a peg right behind me, which was annoying.

So we tried a very VERY unscientific experiment.

At this point I will explain my current rod setup, although I am out the the shops to ad a new one soon.

I have a great Drennan Red range 11ft Pellet waggler and a John Wilson travel Barbel rod.

Both have served me incredibly well during the full on spring, summer autumn seasons but shy winter fishing has shown their weakness… Their strength.

These stiffer rods tend to bounce “Bump” the fish on a strike or reeling in, leading to the fish bumping off the hook way to often. This is when we did our experiment as Walter has been using an Ultra Light float rod for the most of the Silver fishing we have been doing and bagging up.

Wow, just Wow, the difference in playing a fish, the rod doing most of the work was a revelation to me.

The soft tip worked the fish we had on, a small winter Tench to about 1lb, and where I had had similar stamp fish but all bumped off at some point in the playing, my fishing of this Tench and a Roach straight after convinced me that a visit to my local tackle shop to bag me a sensitive float rod, 13ft, is the first thing I do once the holidays are over and I can get back to fishing the shy biting winter fish with a renewed vigor and zest.

I will add to the blog once I have bought the rod, not sure which yet, and will report back my findings as I have a couple of club matches coming up and hope to have more success than I have recently.

Wishing you tight lines and a very merry christmas / happy new year.




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