Changes to what I offer

Since I have had to redo the website I thought it might be a good time to think about what I offer and here I outline what DCF is now all about.

  1. Fishing Flies
    I love fly fishing, those of you who know me know how much, probably to much if that is possible. But nearly everyone and his mother is supplying flies, mainly shipped in from China, and some hand tied here in the UK. Patterns being made from combining any material with any material “cause it looks good” and with little thought to the reasons why a fish will be attracted to the fly. Because of this I have decided to now spend my fly tying time at the bench to focus on historically tried, tied and tested flies and then producing variants, testing at my local Trout fisheries and only offering them if I see a remarked take on the variant over the traditional. This will mean a smaller number on sale, but you can be confident that every fly offered is “tried, tied and tested” taking most of the guess work out of your game fishing time
  2. Fishing Floats
    I am an enthusiastic and active match angler, only been a year at it but as of today (03-12-2016) I sit 3rd in two club leagues which has spurred me on to enter other open fishing matches in 2017 and by my side will be a healthy selection of my hand crafted Reed Waggler floats.
    I adore making things from wood, so making traditional style reed waggler’s is a pleasure for me. To see a float you thought of, mad and fished, dip beneath the water acting in the manner you designed, is as great as landing a game fish on a fly you make. Like the flies I offer, I will be adding tried and test floats here for you to own and as time goes by, or you ask me to make a certain kind of float, I will add to the list making a resource of tried and test floats for you to rely on.
  3. Fishing Adventures Blog.
    The worst thing about losing the last site, was not being able to keep my various fishing adventure posts to put back here, so I start 2017 a fresh. From now on I will write them up off the internet and copy them here, saving a copy here at home just in case I have another site disaster, I HOPE NOT….
    Each adventure will let you know where and when I fish, how I fished and with what, giving a full account of the fish I caught which I will be entertaining and of use to fellow anglers who might want to fish the locations. I plan to fish across the South East and in areas of Wales too.

I think that is a good summary of what I plan to do from now on and I hope you will continue to support me in my adventures. I am very active on Twitter and Instagram so if you have not already, please look my up , I am @daveflyfishing on both, and I look forward to linking up.

Wishing you tight lines



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