Climate Emergency?

I’m sure that all involved in the current Extinction Rebellion sit ins across the UK will agree that we need to find balance between us Humans and mother earths climate.

I will argue that this includes the discourse as well of which I i will create a starting point here.

The key issue I have with the extremes of all arguments in today’s divided society, of which I genuinely believe has been a deliberate ploy by all governments because division is easy to control, but I digress, is that if there is enough counter argument then reasonable doubt must prevail until all questions and contentions are exhausted.

1st: This is what I a mean. I think that we can all agree that “man made climate change” of plastics in our water systems at all levels is real. Scientifically provable. Without shadow of any doubt truly a man made disaster that man can rectify by a process of a global clean up and us consumers changing our usage habits and businesses being made to be more responsible in there disposal and use of plastics everywhere.

I’m sure you will agree with me on that one and you will have my full support in forcing our government to enact the changes to stop and fix this real “Man Made climate change”.

2nd: My piece on the terrible effect to our natural water tables, ground waters and chalk streams here in the UK and I am sure elsewhere in the world shows that the impact of uncontrolled mass immigration is another “Man Made Climate change” that is the fault of our governors and agencies / water companies of which can be rectified with everyone admitting the problem, the source of the problem and the resolve.

So I am sure you can that these two examples of genuine, real, undeniable “man made climate changes” both global and national will stand up to any and all scrutiny and with the right level of will, be acted on and solved for all of mankind into the future..

Now I get onto the current CO2 climate emergency extreme issue and my issue with it.

It is obvious that they [Climate activists] have a very well oiled machine in place covering all media, political parties and peoples on a side that you have to ask who is funding it and why.

But I will get onto that at a later date.

I think we are all well versed in the slogans of the end of the world is nigh and that we only have 12 years and we must do something now, believe in the science of climate emergency, and here is exactly where the problem lies.

I your argument was as bomb proof as my two examples above, unquestionable, no possible arguments against your science, then I would be backing your stand 110%, but there are arguments against the Climate Emergency case & strong ones at that.

“There is no climate emergency and therefore no cause for panic and alarm … Our advice to political leaders is that science should aim at significantly better understanding the climate system while politics should focus on minimising potential climate damage”,

I hope you can see where I and millions of others have a real problem with being effectively bullied into believing in a “Problem” that is arguably not as extreme as the extremists like Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg & others would want us to believe.

While there is a valid and powerful scientific argument on both sides no one can demand action to force us to make choices & changes that might very well cause more problems than they solve and this is where balance must prevail.

I agree that on a individual basis if we all, 7 billion of us globally, made one small change in our consumption say of plastics daily, then that would really be a massive shift in a good direction of the real climate issue I mentioned above.

But the Death Cult of CO2?

While there is a real argument on both sides that has not been proven one way or the other, then I suggest that the extreme cultists lay down their placards until science gives us irrefutable evidence without any doubt that the extreme CO2 argument is water tight, bomb proof, provable with out any doubt in a court of law.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below and let us all globally start real evidence based discourse to solve all of our problems.

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