Convince Me Dont Tell MeConvince Me Dont Tell Me

So what is that all about then ?

In its simplest, and shortest terms, it is an expression of exasperation with the extremist nature that has entered society when attempting a discussion. Convince Me Dont Tell Me

The norm today seems to be ” You must think like this im telling you” or “You’re an idiot, racist, nazi” for thinking like that.

Instead of trying to convince me with rounded well-meaning, tested, and unbiased argument, people resort to verbal aggression and insult, which instantly looses any compassion I and others were giving to their cause.

I have noticed over sometime now that this is prolific and have decided to come off the fence to start adding my voice, which i plan to make sure is reasonable and based on researched information available at the time of posting.

The Einstein pic, whats that about ?

It was the inspiration for me to finally start discussing what I think off the many issues we face today instead of sitting on the fence.

“The world won’t be destroyed by those who do evil,
but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

Which sort of sums a lot of things up today.

Unless we all start getting off our fences and start standing up for what we belive in, doing our best to convince people, not tell them, our version of a story is the truth, then the world will live by one version of a truth, theirs.

So what now?

I will start with #brexit which is a great topic to start with for #convincemedonttellme as there are extreme, polarized opinions on both sides so i will start there.

You are fully encouraged to discuss anything here with me and the other nice people here.

If you start falling into the “Tell you” camp I will pull you up in a way that I hope will bring you back to the table to Convince Me Dont Tell Me.


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Many thanks

DC x



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