Corsair Carbide 275R Case Review

I have been in computers for over 30 years to lesser and greater degrees and sometimes a product comes along that pleasantly surprises you.

I bought the Corsair Carbide 275R Case to move all the components from the full tower Corsair case I got with my PC when I bought it, second hand to me via eBay, so it will fit nicely in my new desk.

A couple of days after buying it arrived in a reassuringly solid brown box, some can be so flimsy its a miracle they make it in one piece from China.

I chose the white version, they make Black or White versions, as well I have seen a lot of black PC’s in my time and thought why not make a change. As with all well thought out products the packaging did not disappoint and my new White Case arrives scratch less and in perfect condition.

Get myself familiar with the case was a treat as the tempered glass panel felt strong and sturdy revealing the clean, as yet empty, insides.

Removing the back panel, both are removed in a tool-less fashion, showed me where my 4 SSD drives are going to be mounted and if I had them, 2 3.5” drive bays of which one contained a small brown box with individually bagged screws and tools & some small cable ties for my own cable management during the build, which was a very nice touch indeed.

Cable management for the front USB 3.0 ports and lighting had already been done which again was a nice touch.

With eager confidence I carefully removed all the parts from my old Corsair full tower inc the 1000w Corsair PSU.

The Mother board mount were already install by the factory so moving the MB into its new case was a breeze.

I did a nice job of feeding the case wiring through the management ports, plugging each into the respective MB ports.

I had to temporally remove the twin HDD bay to work easier fitting the PSU and cable routing, which did not take any time at all.

All of my storage is SSD and my main drive is an M2 which is MB mounted.

So I took advantage of the 4 SSD drive placement position on the case shown here on the picture.

The 2 black bays unscrew and swing out to attache the drives and the other s are placed on the case via screws next to the cable management holes.

Feeding the SATA cables and power was easy and after tiding things up with the provide cable ties, I admired and checked my work.

The moment of truth. The big switch on.

Had I done everything correctly ? Where all the various connections all installed ok?

Only one way to find out and switch it on. Click…….. PERFECT.

All the fans working, Windows 10 showing its icons, all drives listing and working, A SUCCESS …..

The built in subtle lighting is a really nice touch especially the glow from the front of the case.

A few system tests later with various memory checkers, to test the extra 16gb ram I installed, check the heat sensors and fan speeds and all was ok.

Its been a few days now and I have had time to push the system with video editing and music recording, with a bit of gaming because…well you have to don’t you, and now I have a beefed up stable system in a smaller more manageable case for my needs.

Got a story like this to share or tips and tricks for other want to upgrade their PC’s ? Then why not leave a post below for all of us to enjoy.

Want to get your new buid or parts transfer off to a great start like I did ?

Use the link below to get your case now with free delivery in the UK



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