Dave Reacts – Brexit Betrayal March 9th Dec 2018

Dave Reacts – Brexit Betrayal March 9th Dec 2018

Dave Reacts – Brexit Betrayal March 9th Dec 2018

On December 9th 2018 there will be a Brexit Betrayal march from Speakers corner to Whitehall

This is a chance for all of us on both sides of the argument who understand that the Brexit plan Prime minister May is pushing amounts to a complete betrayal of the brexit we voted for, the main parties said they would deliver in the 2017 general election and only serves to keep us locked into the EU indefinitely.

Our chance to show in a peaceful manner that this deal speaks for no one but the politicians both here in the UK and the EU.

It is obvious now that TM has not worked on behalf of the UK but more with the EU to keep us in the EU Project at all costs

We need to show on mass that this is not what we voted for, what we want or are going to accept.


The PM is accused of covering up the full legal advise behind her brexit deal, ignoring parliament which is yet another snub to procedure and the will of parliament / public.


As of writing, there seems to be only 200 MP’s backing May’s “deal” and the Brexit Betrayal March on the 9th December will show some of those that the wisest choice is to back the public, who put them there in the first place and pay their wages, & to NOT BACK this disastrous deal.

Leaving the EU with NO DEAL

is nothing to be worried about as we save the 39 billion divorce bill, regain all border controls, regain all our fishing rights, able to do trade deals worldwide & regain our law making powers.

WTO is the default fall back for world trade and new meaningful trade negotiations with the EU Project can start from fresh, forcing them to put forward their offers until WE AGREE any deal is to the true benefit of both parties not a one way ticket.

UN Global Migration Compact

As a secondary issue but in a lot of ways EVEN WORSE than the brexit issue, is the signing of the UN Global Migration Compact which in essence forces all western countries to accept all migrants, legal or illegal, give support in always to these migrants, fully fund their safe routes to our countries and most damning of all is that ALL MEDIA must not publish any negative stories about this mass migration with the threat of defunding and deplatforming by the UN

SOURCE please read

So regardless of a promise to the end of Free Movement made by the PM, which by the way was not the only reason most of us Leavers voted for Brexit, the UN Compact will override that and migrants will come regardless and at our cost socially, financially and domestically.

As I said in one Tweet earlier this week, this compact is one way traffic as I do not see a mad rush of 250 million White EU males rushing to migrate to the Sudan, Pakistan or Libia on its signing December 10th / 11th.

DO NOTHING and we end up as a vassal state beholden to every whim of the EU /UN and if recent demands of an EU Army, EU Empire and more Sovereignty handed over to Brussels is not enough to show our defiance then we are lost forever.

So please attend, even if like me this will be your first march like this, as showing on mass that we will not stand for this betrayal is a message they will try, but can not ignore.

Together We Stand.

9th December 2018 Speakers Corner to Whitehall, bring your friends.


Flyby video showing how to get to key points thank to Enough is Enough GB for making this.



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