Dave Reacts – Merkel Backs EU Army

Dave Reacts – Merkel Backs EU Army

This new turn in the EU Army saga should send a big shiver down the backs of everyone truly wanting a free and peaceful Europe.

During the 2016 referendum Nick Clegg, when de-facto Deputy Prime minister of the UK said such talk was ‘dangerous fantasy’

Picking the right time

Picking the right time to bring the full urgency of the “need” of an EU Army into the public domain has taken a while, but under the excuse that President Trump is getting tough on NATO funding and proposes to pull out of the INF agreement, unless serious discussions can be had with China and Russia to stop them producing short and medium missile, banned under the INF agreement, Germany and France have pushed forward the long-term German plan of an EU Army .

So lets wind the clock back and see why this should be no surprise, worrying yes, but it has been the German plan all along.

In 2015 German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen threw her weight behind the idea of a European Union army, floated by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker earlier this March 2015.

“To critics who say that such a defence initiative would undermine the existing North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Ms. von der Leyen pointed out that the U.S. routinely asks for more responsibility to be taken by their European allies in terms of capabilities and military spending. “

Even during President Obama’s time the USA was trying to get the EU countries in NATO to pay their fare & agreed share to no avail.

For a while this went a bit quiet, mainly due to the UK referendum causing a stir or as a convenient smoke screen for Germany’s armed build up which was reported by foreignpolicy.com and others in 2017 the Germany was quietly building up an Army with cooperation from smaller countries like Romania, Dutch and Czech Republic to avoid messy politics associated with a build up of the German Bundeswehr. Parts of the smaller countries army’s merge with the German Bundeswehr.

“According to Carlo Masala, a professor of international politics at the University of the Bundeswehr in Munich, “The German government is showing that it’s willing to proceed with European military integration” — even if others on the continent aren’t yet. “

French President Emmanuel Macron

We then get French President Emmanuel Macron Nov 2018 making a strong targeted announcement that the EU trading block needs to create the EU Army, remember it has already been under construction, to apparently defend the EU against China, Russia and unbelievably the USA.

A few days later the French finance minister,Bruno Le Maire’s , has called for the EU to become a powerful new “empire” to rival the US and China

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Finally 13th Nov 2018 German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered a speech before the Members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg stating when speaking about plans to create the European army, which have been strongly criticised by the US president, Merkel said that it could be a “good supplement to NATO.”

“We have to look at the vision of one day creating a real true European army,” she stated.

So there it is in plain view, Germany is close to completing its plan to rule the EU members with an Army, a trading block that has its own flag, anthem, currency and now Army, soon to have police, secret service and all the other tools of a single state.

I genuinely believe the this EU Army is not for defence from outside forces but to control the rising discontent from within the EU Project.

With every day passing, new faults in the EU Project come to light & people see the true faces of the EU Project who’s excuses and propaganda are easily dismantled creating an EU Elite who are running scared.

An EU Project looking more like the Official George Orwell appreciation society.

As I mentioned in a previous piece, this is the remainers metaphorical “NHS Red Bus” where as I mentioned at the beginning, Nick Clegg called this a ‘dangerous fantasy’ that would not happen.

Well sometimes ‘dangerous fantasy’s’ come true and I for one do not want to be part of the survivors of the inevitable bloodbath this is leading to, to record the numbers of “brave souls” who laid down their lives, the third time, for the “good cause” .

You can help stop this madness by contacting your MP & MEP’s telling them to for once to stand up for what is right and stop blocking the UK’s leaving of the EU Project and those that are left in the EU Project ,you do not want this path to be followed and to step back before it is too late.


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