Dave Reacts – The EU want the UK out

Dave Reacts – The EU want the UK out

It is obvious the EU Project want the UK out of the club & here’s why

At NO POINT have the EU project sold why we should stay in the club in a positive marketing sense.
Far from it, if this was an advertising marketing project for any business, the marketing firm would be sacked or the company would see negative effects on their sales if they implemented this kind of approach, a negative, get lost one.

All you need to do is look at the approach to “keeping” a member from leaving to see that actually, and in plain sight, they are doing everything other than saying the words

“The doors over there, close it when you exit”

putting issues on the table like the non Eire border issue, which they know the UK can not agree to in the end.

Their approach is to block every step to meaningful negotiations by the useless UK Government who want to keep us in EU Project, yes they do want to stay in the club as for one thing, it is an easy out for the blame of rules set by Brussels,

“sorry cant do anything about that, new EU Dictate ya da ya da”

which is a line in some form or another they have used for the last couple of decades to bat awkward issue into the long grass a swerve responsibility.

The EU Project have never really liked us at the table, and for a long time we never really wanted to be there too, have found a great chance to kick us out of the clicky club.

Keeping Sterling and as far away from the Euro is one example of the UK not really believing or falling for the EU marketing message

It really is painful to see the UK PM, Appeaser May, go cap in hand to the EU begging for forgiveness, when the majority of UK voters voted for what the EU wanted, us out of their game, only to be repeatedly rebuffed by the Eurocrats.

State of political play

We have a remain PM and most of her government who want to stay in the EU club regardless & at all costs
A Labour opposition who do not want a General Election until the “deal” is done so they can not be blamed for it and capitalise on how bad I it is, but not change it as they want to stay in to.

All other parties are to small to make any kind of meaningful impact and those that are similar in their outlook and should unite to be a bigger opposition and option, spend to long bickering amongst themselves to do that positive step.


Unless back bencher’s in the government get some backbone, replace Appeaser May with a powerful Leave minded PM, the EU are stuck with us whether they like it or not.

Unless of course the EU Project actually do what they have always wanted to do and tell us

“The doors over there, close it when you exit”

Dave Carrera 06/11/2018

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