Dave Reacts – Water Water Everywhere…

Dave Reacts – Water Water Everywhere…

Dave Reacts – Water Water Everywhere…

Uncontrolled migration the type that is being forced on us be the latest compact of the UN, has costs that never get talked about to the host countries and nowhere in the compact it self.

Here I am going to pick on just one, but the most vital for all life, Water

This example will apply to every country that will take the brunt of the new UN Global Migration Compact where unfettered migration to any country is now being pushed as a Human Right and already starting to be mention as a legal one, did not take them long to get to legal did it.

The latest estimate released is that total net migration to the UK in the year ending June 2018 was 273,000

Water usage

Each human needs to drink approximately 2 litres of water a day to stay healthy

Each human flushes a toilet on average 5 times per day using 1.28 gallons, if using the latest low water usage flush systems, not every house / business has these but I will use this to be on the conservative side, this is an using the latest EU regulations that is at min 3 litres per flush.

Using this data that equals 15 litres of fresh water is used by each human per day for toilet use.

As i can only guess how much shower, bath and hand washing someone does per day, I will leave it out of this calculation as we have enough data with Drinking and Toilet to prove this posts point.

Each human consumes in the UK 17 litres of water per day for the two tasks used here.

273,000 migrants nett entered the UK June 2017 to June 2018

273,000 x 17 = 4,641,000 litres of fresh water used by nett migration on top of what was being used already, needed to be found EVERY SINGLE DAY.

That is nearly the capacity of 2 (two) Olympic-size swimming pools every day.

Ecological Damage

This new water demand has to come from somewhere.

Over the past decade we in the UK have seen migration increase at vast levels, even though we were told it would be reduced, levels each year are close to the figure quoted.

The WWF and many other campaigners trying to protect our disappearing rivers, note that over half of our chalk streams are dry or at risk and larger rivers are feeling the impact of over extraction of water to serve the demand shown.

Continued migration at the levels discussed here are an Ecological disaster HAPPENING NOW, not it some future, but today and the UN Migration Compact which makes migration a right, which will lead to numbers not seen before on a Island, will mean this Ecological disaster only get worse.

You can actually say the Governments, EU,UN and people calling for unrestricted migration are guilty of this ecological catastrophe and only strict controls of our population increase due to migration NEEDS to be put in place urgently to stop further damage.

Cant we just get more fresh water from the Sea ?

We are surrounded by sea anyway, so why not just clean it up and use that ?

“a large scale desalination plant serving 300,000 people [per day] typically costs in the region of $100 million. “

That would mean that we would need to build 1 plant every year to cope with migrant numbers at the levels shown here.

If migration number increase then more would be needed.

Also factor in the cost of pipelines and maintenance, staff to run the plants, land acquisition and so on.

over $100 million per year just to supply the water needs of 273,000 migrants.

Hidden from your view

This is just the effect of extra water consumption, but add housing and the land swallowed up to build new homes, pressure on services like Health, Schools, Fire, Police, added food supply demands the list goes on, but these effects of migration are generally hidden from view & rarely discussed, even by people against unfettered uncontrolled migration who only focus on the headline number.


Genuine refugee as per the dictionary definition

“One who flees, especially to another country, seeking refuge from war, political oppression, religious persecution, or a natural disaster.”

Naturally and historically the UK has always helped genuine refugees and we will always show compassion in this regard, I hope.


It is up to us.

Do we keep loading the country with ever increasing numbers of migrants at ever increasing costs, both financial and ecological, or do we tell those in control that enough is enough and big business will need to grow added consumption in other ways and not add bodies to clothe, feed, sell TV’s too regardless of the costs.

We need to withdraw from the UN Global Migrant compact and control effectively our borders and migrants allowed to stay on short or long term visas to stop this real current problem.

Over to you



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