Dave Reacts – Why isnt Genital Mutilation Illegal?

Why isnt Genital Mutilation Illegal?

I was catching up with my TWITTER feed and noticed this reply Stefan Molyneux had posted regarding circumcision removing a third of the skin from a penis and this made me think

Did any child give permission for any adult to cut bits off their genital, male or female?

This is a simple but powerful question as it touches, no pun intended, on profound beliefs for both society and various religions & cultures.

Why is it that in our society we send out the pitch fork mobs, rightly, if there is even a sniff of an adult touching a child inappropriately in the area of their genitalia, but for cultural or religious reasons, society is happy people, sometimes of a non medical background, cutting bits off a child’s genitals, obviously without any permission from the child ?

Why are we not up in hands, dragging behind us the noose ready to throw over the nearest tree branch to hang the child abusers that do this ?

I find this contradiction funny (peculiar) and I am struggling to figure out why we as a society allow this barbaric act to continue.


The only caveat I can think of is that there is a real medical requirement to do these acts, that can be proven in a court of law if needed.

It does beg the question that if we are prepared to permit these acts to continue, then why are we so shocked about acts of paedophilia which also harm a child with their permission ?

I think that people who would stand up for these acts would need a very compelling & convincing arguement over and above tradition, to convince me and a growing number of people as concerned as I am, that these acts must be preserved.

What do you think ? please let me know here via a comment or via my Twitter

Kind regards

DC x


Female genital mutilation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_genital_mutilation


The Brit Milah (Bris): What You Need to Know

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