Your Donations really do make a difference

I have de-monetized my YouTube so that I am not hindered or influenced by their rules

I also closed my Patreon Page due to their interpretation of their very loose rules with other creators

If you would like to support my work here then at the moment, until I can figure out Crypto Currencies, I have made a donate button via PayPal where you can tip me any amount you like.

Anything you feel you can Donate is very much appreciated and really does help me in my work.

I am aiming to get out and about doing videos and reports from around the country, and if I can raise enough, hopefully make reports from the EU and further afield.

So any help you can give is incredibly helpful and you have my whole-hearted thanks.


If you know anything about setting up Crypto currency for all the various versions and a way to manage them easily, then please contact me HERE and any help again is very very much appreciated.

My kindest regards

DC x