Early Start for Early Success

Early Start for Early Success

Sometimes you have to make an Early Start for Early Success.

Early Start for Early SuccessGot to my clubs lake at 7am, as you can see from the picture it was still dark as I unpacked the car & found my way to peg 6.

Pegs 6 and 22 are favorite for Carp anglers at our club, 22 being where I landed my current pb carp of 14lb last year, so I decided to give peg 6 ago.

Today’s fishing was a multi test of new gear I have bought recently to tackle specific jobs the list being

The new Korum Deluxe chair
Nash H-Gun 6ft Dwarf 3lb rod
Fox Bite Alarm
Shakespeare 10’5″  Sigma commercial float rod

First off I want to make it clear I have NO afflication with any of the companies I discuss here and my opinion is my own based on my personal experience with the products in this review

Korum Deluxe Accessory Chair,Fishing Match Seat Box or Chair

My new Korum chair has been the first thing I wanted to test as I choose this over a match box and for me, I am glad I did. It weighs very little for the solid feel it has when setting it up. Legs snap into place easy and the back set to and upright setting, my reason for buying the chair was the ability to set the backs angle. The high back also rests you head nicely and stops some of the wind drafting down your neck

which for me, made for a comfortably days fishing, even in the rain.


Nash H-Gun Dwarf 6ft Rig

On with the rig. 2 main components are the Nash 6ft H-Gun Dwarf rod & Fox Micron® M+ bite alarm. The reel was a spare BR reel i had knocking about and will be replacing this but more about that in a different post.

Nothing but simplicity to set everything up, just slide the base out of the handle of the rod, add the top section. Connect reel, set the stands for the bite alarm to the right space and your nearly ready.

Mainline Cell Dumbell HookersI say nearly as this was my first time using the Korum Lead clip setup with a 1oz flat lead but with the included instruction, I was setup in minutes and with no ground bait, just a single Mainline Cell Dumbell Hookers on the bait band on a size 14 hook, I cast out towards the peg 6 marker.

Although the rod is only 6ft I manage a decent 50yard + cast which landed not to far from the fence on the peg 6 marker and set the rod down on the Fox bite alarm and carried on to setup my new float rod

The new float rod is a 10ft 5 Sigma Commercial Float rod, bought to use when I am in tighter spots to cast when using the Mach 3 13ft rod and for a “cheap” rod it truly felt nice in the hand & was easy to cast. Unfortunately the silver fish seemed not to be out to play today, all depths and distances tried, so I packed it away to focus on the Carp setup which was a different story. I will write a full review on the Sigma Commercial Float later.

4 Carp for the morning session

It was not long before the bleep on the Fax bite alarm started doing its thing and soon I was playing a carp into the bank. Even though the rod is only 6ft long It made playing the hard fighting fish easy , maybe a bit to easy, as I was worried I was cranking it in rather than playing it, so switched the reel lock off and let it

5lb 2oz Carp

take as it needed. It got to within netting distance but shock it self off and haven’t we all had that before ?

So I cast out again and again not long before the bleeps started and for the second time I was playing a nice fish which when landed turned out to be a nice 5lb+ Common carp in cracking condition shown in the picture. Note to self, hurry up and get a better camera 😉

My 3rd carp encounter was a longer run on the BR reel as I was faffing about with the float rod before packing it away, so as I made a strike to lock it down it shock off.

8lb 8oz CarpRun number 4 was by far the best in both playing the fish and what fish was landed. An nice Common weighed in at 8lb 8oz by our bailiff, sorry for the bad pic but had to use a fellow fisherman’s net as mine was being used for something else. 

Needless to say my latest purchases to focus on specific tasks, comfort, carp and shorter range silver fishing have all worked to as I hoped and fill me wit confidence for the 2017 season ahead.

I will add a full review for the Sigma float rod later when the fish are playing ball & look forward to telling you about my adventures through 2017 .

Wishing you tight lines

DC x









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