Fishing Journal: 17th August 2017: Pike in Norwich

Pike adventure in Norwich

A wet 3am morning started my first Pike fishing adventure on the River Yare in Norwich.

Fishing buddy Paul Allen and I had planned this day for what seems ages so a bit of  rain was not going to put us off.

I loaded up my car and headed to Paul’s who kindly offered to drive us upto to the River Yare in Norwich for our fun days fishing.

2 hours later we were parking up at the dock yard where we meet Tony our guide from who we had hire their guiding services for our day of Pike fishing.

dave-morning-wet-rigging-upAfter advising on what of our rods to bring, lure fishing only, and giving us safety advise on the boat we set off on the River Yare to see if any Pike were going to have their picture taken.

BIG Lures for PIKE !!!!

This is were my first lesson of the day happen. Essentially all my lures were good for Perch but not for Pike, according to Tony our skipper so I am now making some BIG lures in my shed but more about that in the weeks to come. Lesson… BIG Lures for PIKE !!!!

Shortly we stopped and after rigging up and given a lure to use, a full spinner, we were shown where to cast and see if a Pike was up early for breakfast.

Before long I had a good take on my lure much to the surprise of Tony our skipper, and after a good play of the fish it came off much to my disappointment in not scoring the first fish on board. But a good start nonetheless.

Paul lands first honors

paul-tony-skipperSoon after it was Paul’s turn and he landed his first Pike of the day, this 8 or 9lb beauty.

Tony asked us to reel in and off we went to many spots up the river where Paul decided to show me how to fish for Pike.

It is hard to stay chirpy when your fishing buddy standing 3 feet away, using the same lures, fishing the same stretch, is landing fish after fish.

Me…. not so much as a nibble, even trying different lures had no effect and wherever we were taken but our skillful skipper Tony, Paul got strikes and I got nowt.




But then sun came out

We decided to have a lunch break at about 1pm so after more casting practice we pulled into the Ferry House.

This is a great pub to stop at. Rightfully busy as the food and ale we had was top draw, firing us up for an afternoon session where I was hoping to land a fish, at least one fish please…..

The tide had turned on the river so Tony headed up to the “sewer” showing us various places of interest on the way. It was amazing to see places where Paul had lifted a Pike or two out of deep water earlier, had become a lot shallower in such a short time.

Soon we were at the “sewer” where water was gushing down steps, fizzing and aerating the water in front which lifted my confidence.

Weirs equal fish !!!

I changed over to a eel style lure of about 8″ (20cm) and gave it a go, letting it drop before retrieving at what seemed at snails pace.

After a couple of casts my Drennan E-Sox Pikeflex tip bounced once then lunged over and FINALLY I was In.

It was great playing my first fished for Pike, I had accidentally landed a small 1.5lb Jack in a fishing match, but this was my first Pike I had intentionally fished for.

Daves-Pike-3lbI concentrated on the play making sure I landed this beauty.

Paul was kind enough to help bring my catch on board and take this picture of my hard fought for quarry.

I think you can tell by the smile on my face, the relief of landing my fist Pike and not blanking, which is where my day was looking like it was heading.

Tony our skipper had put us right in the good spots and offered advise as to how to play the swim.

It was only my lack of lure fishing skills that let me down but Paul, more experienced than I, showed my how it is done by landing 9 Pike and loosing a couple.



Final honors of the day

paul-winsFinal honors of the day went to Paul by landing this gorgeous looking Pike in the same swim.

He really had fished well all day and truly deserved the haul he landed.

Around 4pm time was called and we headed back to the boat yard happy we had had a great days Pike fishing under the guidance and skillful skippering of Tony.

I want to thank Paul for organizing the day and I have been tasked with finding a good Thames Chub swim local to us for a bit of coarse fishing fun soon. A challenge I happily accept.

We also agreed that as the weather will chill up soon, a return to the River Yare to do some dead baiting is on the cards.

Paul and I also want to thank for making this days Pike fishing a great day and we are looking forward to using them again soon.


I learned so much about Pike fishing today. BIG LURES are a MUST as even the small jack Pike were taking the large shads, eels and spinners we were using.

Fishing single hooks does not mean loosing fish and is easier to de-hook and release the fish back quickly. All my new lures for all fishing will now utilize single barbless hooks.

Patience and lots of it is need in all River fishing and Pike fishing is no different. Fish under trees, through Lilly pads, weirs are a excellent target. Let the lure sink and vary the retrieve speed. Move to new swims if nothing is showing and eventually an obliging fish will let you take its picture.

A memorable day, one I am looking forward to repeating soon.

Next on my adventures is finding a River Thames swim with Chub as I mentioned above and I am visiting the River Severn / Avon at in the next couple of weeks so if you have any advice where to find Chub on the Thames or Where in Tewksbury I can fish the Severn / Avon I would be grateful for the advise.

Wishing you tight lines

DC x



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