Fishing Journal: 1st June 2017. New PB Tench and a Lesson learned

New PB Tench and a Lesson learned

Another fine day at my clubs lake, Harrow School, landing a New PB Tench and a Lesson learned

5lb 7oz Tench Harrow school 01-06-2017First I would like to introduce you my new PB Tench weighed in at 5lb 7oz.

That big fan tail gave me a damn good run around on the light tackle I chose to use.

My weapon of choice was my Shakespeare MACH 3 13 ft float road, a balsa 6 float in the sliding float fashion and for bait I stuck to pellets all day, and this is the lesson I learned & wish to share with you.


<– As you can see by my log for the day, and 12 hour day I add, I caught a good selection of Carp and a couple of Tench using the pellet based bait for the day.

It was a deliberate test to see if the takes would be different compared the the last few visits I have had and boy were they.

Without having Maggots, Worms and Corn, I could not really tempt out the other fish in the lake and was stuck to fish that fancied the pellets , reducing my choice of fish to target & land.

I am always grateful for any fish I catch, unlike a couple of fellow anglers on the day that bulked and sneered at catching Bream and anything else but Carp, but I missed tangles with the Roach, Perch & Rudd the lake has to offer who did not take kindly to a menu of only pellets.

So the lesson is…..

Take a mix of baits when fishing for pleasure or in a match, as you can tempt more fish to your hook with a good menu than a single choice one.

I look forward to another visit very soon to put this into practice and will report back, with a more varied log I hope 🙂

Wishing you tight lines

DC x




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