Fishing Journal: 23rd August 2017 : River Trent

River TrentRiver Trent – Hoveringham

My first time fishing the River Trent was gifted to me as I had an important meeting with a colleague in Nottingham so I suggested we help it Bank Side on the Riveer Trent…. why not 🙂

After a 150 mile drive and getting to the waters managed by the Midland Angling Society, I found the peg suggested to me when I called the balliff the day before and setup my gear looking at what was aslow moving but wide stretch of the river.

I must admit to being a little over excited, and probably had my sights held to high for my first time, but fishing one of the countrys best known rivers had me dreaming of a loverly size Chubb and dare I dream it, a good size Barbel.

A big lesson learned.

The balliff arrived a couple of hours after I had setup and caught nothing, advising me to scale right down and fish a crease a rod length out single maggot style.

This I did and first case I was into a nich 8oz Roach which made me cheer up a bit.

The it went quiet again, a pattern for the day, catch a small fish then lots of quiet time baiting and casting.

A 1lb 8oz Eel made for an entertaing 10 minutes and was genuinly nice to see in the river as stocks have depleted some what, so nice to see some eels getting on in the Trent.

A fellow angler popped over and advise me that my feeder rig was WAY to light. I was using a 1oz maggot feeder and suggest I add some weight to hold the flow which by now was putting a goof tug on the line.

I will be adding 2 and 3oz feeders of all types to my box today at my local tackle show the Fishmans Cabin as I am fishing more rivers this season making sure I have the right kit for the job when needed.

I was not the only one who had a quite day, not a blank but my dreams of a good size Chub or Barbel were not realised today. But tomorrow they might and I am already planning another “business meeting”, which went well by the way, for the not to distant future.

Here is some useful information if you fancy fishing the River Trent.

Tickets and Prices

The fishing rights on the River Trent at Hoveringham are owned by the Midland Angling Society, if you fancy a session on there it is charged at the following rates:

Day ticket: £3.50
Season ticket: £30

Find out more information

Contact: Christopher Shaw

Telephone: 07791335768

Address: Hoveringham Road, Hoveringham, Nottingham. NG14 7JP

Sat Nav Postcode: NG14 7JP


Wishing you tight lines

DC x



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