Fishing Journal: 25th July 2017: River Thames Runnymede

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River Thames Runnymede

My second visit to Runnymede was a much calmer affair.

We had had less rain the days before and I remembered from my last visit to get there past 9am and to bring a chair.

This time I thought it would be nice to have a full day learning my center pin setup with good results.

I had 5lb line straight though to a size 14 hook with double maggot to temp anything in my swim.

Using my favorite Balsa 6 float, a couple of SSG with a No.4 tell tale shot I soon landed the first of eight great looking Perch.

Playing the Perch in on my center pin was fun and different to my fix spool reels, but for me, not difficult at all.

Casting was achieved using the sideways fling method, pulling one or two loops of lines out and casting with a flick out, letting the line in my fingers go when needed.

I only managed two spiderwebs on the reel when I forgot to break the flight of my float with my thumb, but know I know.

My swim was quiet deep. around 11 to 13 feet, so for a little while I swapped rigs to ledger a 1/2oz running lead to see if anything was on the bottom.

Two of the eight Perch were caught this way, but I went back to floats as for me with my lack of skill, ledger was harder to manage.

After Perch number eight my swim went very quite for a while, so I made my offer to the fish much lighter.

I changed floats to one that only needed 2bb shot and a No.6 tell tale, size 18 hook and single maggot, fishing at about 3 foot depth.

I caught my first Bleak…

For the rest of the day I could not stop catching a new to me fish, the Bleak.

Suicidal attacks of the maggots I feed the swim & lightening fast takes on the hook, made for enjoyable sport for the rest of the afternoon.

I meet four other anglers who told me that Runnymede this year is not fishing at its best.

As far as they knew no Chub, Barbel or the larger Roach had been caught yet & I look forward to returning through August to see if the make an appearance.

No one said it was going to be easy

My intro into river fishing has not been easy, no one said it would be, but I am having a lot of fun learning new techniques.

I have been invited to do a return visit to the River Colne local to me, as reports are showing the work carried out after my first, not very good session, has seen improvements, and I look forward to putting my new skills to the test.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to letting you know how I get on in my next fishing adventures, so pop back soon.

Wishing you tight lines

DC x




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