Fishing Journal: 28th Sept 2017: Runnymede pb perch 28th Sept 2017

Runnymede pb perch 28th Sept 2017

runnymede pb perch 28th Sept 2017Was a painful day at Runnymede but got a PB perch 28th Sept 2017, I shall explain

At the previous Saturdays Car boot sale the good lady Charlotte and I bought some fake grass to “finally” finish our postage stamp of a garden.

Wednesday we trotted off to Wickes, loaded up with sand and the weed barrier & I made a short stop to my local fishing tackle shop to stock up on maggots.

At this point I want to let you know I was planning a nice walk down the Thames at Chertsey with very minimal gear to see if I could catch some Roach or even a Chub.

So off home we went, leveled the mud, compacted it, laid the sand and leveled / compacted that then laid the grass. All very nice indeed and very satisfied with the result.

3 Hours Later…

After sitting down enjoying a well earned cup of coffee and congratulating ourselves on a good job, I went to get up and take another look at our work but could not move.

My back had seized up !!!!

The pain was intense and a rub with deep heat helped a little, but as I mentioned in my Twitter feed, the chances of having a nice walk down the Thames as planned was off.

Thursday morning, t fish or not to fish ?

The pain had eased a little but still to painful for fishing, but my heart was overruling my head and new plans were being thought off as I sit there popping pain killers.

A good friend Brian on my Twitter feed, suggested a soak in the hot tub and to get out there fishing.

After this I felt a bit better and my new plan was to revisit Runnymede as I can park close to the bank and still take minimal gear for a days fishing.

I arrived around 10am and setup as I planned within yards of the parking, which for your info is £6 for the day and not open until 9am.

I had already decided to stick to a maggot feeder using my JW Youngs Avon Quiver, my Shimano Stradic reel loaded with a fresh spool of Shimano Technium 4lb main line.

3 hours later… again

After feeding and casting for around 3 hours, bit of a theme there, with lots of knocks on the quiver and a couple of fish lost on bringing in, I finally got the full lurch over of a loaded quiver tip.

Runnymede pb perch 28th Sept 2017
Playing the fish I wondered if my size 16 hook on a 2lb 10 oz would be strong enough.

But no worries, as after a couple of minutes I landed this beauty which is now my PB Perch at 1lb 6oz.

After returning the fish safely, my confidence was high and recast for some more Perch action.

But, if what my experience of Runnymede via my past visits was to go by, the river gave very little else up for the rest of the day.

I managed another Perch of about 6oz or so and a lovely Rudd again about 6oz.



Grin and bare it !!!

So I ended up having a nice day, gaining a new PB, and yes, the pain was there all day but the fishing helped block that out.

I will hopefully head back t Chertsey and do my walk along the riverside, flicking a maggot or two here and there to see waht the fish gods let me catch and I look forward to sharing that with you.

As always, I wish you the tightest of lines and thank you for reading my blogs

DC x



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