Fishing Journal: 6th July 2017 River Thames Chertsey

River Thames Chertsey

River Thames Chertsey lessons learned in taking less gear and roaming not sitting put and slogging it out. Read how I came to this

This was my first days fishing on a river in 2017 and one of my first fishing a river adventures ever.

The River Thames Chertsey my first river fishing adventuureI picked Chertsey as two people on separate occasions said to go fish there so loading all my gear, just in case, I set off and parked up at about 06.30 on what was heading for a very very hot day.

Before picking my peg I had walked most of the backside and something inside me was showing me what I should of done, but I setup like fishing a match which in the end proved to be the wrong decision.

Don’t get me wrong, the swim had a overhanging tree to my left, fish bubble rings in front of me showing there were fish, tons of fry inches from the bank and the swim look well worn, showing me many other fellow anglers thought the same as me.

I baited up and setup my new JW Young’s Travel Trotting rod

which i have to say is a beautiful rod to handle and use. Casting one of my Balsa 6 floats at 2 x SSG and double maggot fast saw me catch two Dace and a little later on a small Chub.

I missed lots, had many maggots sucked to death and the heat from day was creeping up on me starting to make the day uncomfortable.

I tried using my John Wilson Barbel travel rod with a feeder for a while and did miss a big bite but sitting there in the rising sun was to much for me so I packed up and headed home.

So what did I learn ?

Well the next time I go, which will be soon, I am going ultra light in the tackle department.

I have already bought a small tackle box which has just enough room for a few floats and other bits for a days roaming fishing.

I am going to make more use of me Grey Fly fishing jacket to carry my forceps, scissors and other bits.

A single rod, my JW Young’s, and I recently bought a vintage Trudex JW Young’s center pin reel to have some fun with.

A medium size landing net and mat concludes my tackle list & with a pot of maggots and some worms I will be fishing swims for no longer than an hour before moving on up the river, maybe returning to see if anything comes in for a snack on my way back.

This minimal approach will also be used when I bike down the canal near me too.

I love fishing because you learn everyday and as long as you are prepared to understand what went wrong and fix it, fishing can be great fun.

I will report back on my progress as soon as possible and wish you the tightest of lines on your fishing adventures.

DC x



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