Fishing Journal. April 3rd 2017. A damn fine bend in my rod

Fishing Journal. April 3rd 2017. A damn fine bend in my rod

Fishing Journal. April 3rd 2017.
A damn fine bend in my rod was experienced when my light tackle hit on a carp and here is the story

Fishing Journal. April 3rd 2017. A damn fine bend in my rodFirst my tackle choice for the day was as per this list

  1. My trusty rod
  2. 6lb line to a 6lb hook link and size 16 hook
  3. my handmade 6″ balsa float with 2 x SSG & 1 x No.1 shot to lock , a No.1 half way and a No.10 tell tail shot

I decided to  fish the day using traditional baits like Hemp, Maggots and this time Sweetcorn which gave me early success landing some small but feisty Roach, Perch and to my pleasure a couple of Gudgeon.

Fishing close in to about 2 rod lengths out mainly to my left as the wind was forcing my focus that way, I took a punt and sent a single piece of sweetcorn out to my right about 20 feet, corrected the line and within minutes I hit on a lump that put a definite unmistakable Carp bend in my rod.

As may know already by reading other posts here, I have a short 3lb TC carp rig setup and have landed double figure carp on that which makes Carp fishing easy compared to managing the twists and turns, ducks and dives or a Carp that does not want to play ball.

The Dual

At one point during our dual, I thought the Carp hand snagged me in some yet to bloom sunken lilies but with a bit of bullish persuasion , that “twang” you get down the line and into the handle of the rod, which at first made me think the line had given in, was replaced with renewed joy as she was still on and fighting tough.

Here is a short video I was able to take on my mobile phone to show that mighty good bend, I thank you 🙂


10lb 8oz CarpAfter about a 15 minute fight the Carp offed its big lips above the water signalling it was ready to have its picture taken, weighed in and shared with you guys.

It is always great fun playing a double figure Carp on light tackle, much more fun than dragging it in on the heavier gear. This was the icing on the cake for a day going back to traditional non fussy baits which along with this beautiful Carp landed me Roach, Perch, Gudgeon and 3lb + size Bream, all within 25feet of the bank

I am already planning another adventure out to see what the fishing gods allow me to share with you and please return soon to see what fishing fun I get up to next time.


As always I wish you the very tightest of tight lines

DC x



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