Fishing Journal. April 6th 2017. 1lb 8oz Roach anyone

Fishing Journal. April 6th 2017. 1lb 8oz Roach anyone

1lb 8oz Roach fishingI could wax lyrical about today’s fishing being one of those dreamy days of sunshine and great fishing…. so I will.

It was not an over early start to today’s fishing as I had to pop to my local fishing shop to pay for a new membership to Harrow School Angling Club and pick up some Maggots.

The weather was definitely nothing to complain about, being nice and warm with little breeze which set the tone for a nice day as I unpacked the car and headed for peg 14 along the roadside.

I had made my mind up to fish peg 14 as I had done pegs 1 to 11 to death and decided today I will try out what I have learned recently about fishing close to the peg into practice.

The AEC Clubs president, head bailiff and assistant bailiff were all fishing when I got there and after a chat, I setup my gear.

Fishing the elasticated whip to start, seems to be a new habit of mine, I baited some Hemp and Maggots in front of me, as can be seen in the picture & after losing a fish straight away, I got one hell of a pull on the elastic, initially I though a small carp had got it.

But before long the tell tail double knocks on the rod tip told me a Roach had hold but boy what a fight.

John the Assistant Bailiff popped over and watch me both play and land the fish to which we both agreed was worthy of a weigh in.

1lb 8oz roach 6th April 2017 AECAfter calming down, settling on the weight, weighing the net to get the final weight, we both agreed the Roach recorded a weight of 1lb 8oz, my new PB and one of the biggest Roach the lake has seen in a while.

John helped take the pictures as quick as he could so we could get the fish back in the lake asap, fighting fit, which I am glad to say we did and both watched it flick its tail and disappear into the depths.

Hopefully I will see it again once it has added some more ounces.

Brian the clubs President, Richard the Bailiff and John all agreed it was one of those special fish for the lake to hold. For me, it is just as good as landing a 20lb+ Carp.

So I cast back in, dropping some more Hemp and Maggots and not long after I landed another large Roach of about 1lb. Followed by smaller Roach, some Perch, a Skimmer, A small but feisty Bream and one of the newly stock F1 Carps.

Yes I had a great days fishing. A sunny day, stress free close quarter fishing at its very best and I look forward to doing it all again next week.

Wishing you all tight lines

DC x



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