Fishing Journal; May 18th 2017. Tench Fest & New PB

Tench Fest & New PB

A perfect way to nearly end my week, a Tench fishing Fest & New PB

We had heavy rain the day before today and the weather app said the today would be a nice day to go fishing.

It started well as I got to Harrow School by about 7am, the sun starting to peek out from behind the early morning clouds promising a good days fishing.

I had had a chat about which peg to use today whilst buying my bait from my local tackle shop The Fisherman’s Cabin, and pegs 21 on-wards was suggested.

Choosing the right peg

Peg 21 was available so there I pitch camp and around 8am I started my days challenge.

I started close in using the 9′ whip I have, fitted with one of my handmade crow quill floats,  and baited out in front to about a 13′ rod length to fishing a little later.

It was not long before my first fish was landed, a nice 6oz Roach which was nice. But my close in swim was quiet so sent out one of my Balsa 6 floats to about 15′ out from the bank.

Another Roach was my reward so cast out again. The slow dip and travel sideways of the float signalling an early morning wake up call for me and after a damn good battle, I landed my first Tench of the day, 3lb 6oz no less.

I then got a really big drag on the reel and worked well to get what I saw was a bigger Tench but as they have a habit of doing, somehow with a flick of its tail it shook my hook off and was gone.

I then caught a couple of Carp, 4lb 3oz and 6lb 3oz and thought I would go back to my whip as I had kept baiting the close in swim to entice the fish in close.

The PB

The plan worked and worked very well indeed. Tench after Tench came to the back including a Bream of 2lb 14oz which was a pleasant change.

I also hit on and nearly dragged in by a 6lb 12oz on my size 7 elastic whip which was a great fight but not as good as to what happened next.

Close in and watching my Crow Quill float dip, bob back up and then rapidly slide sideways pulled the elastic to what must of been its max capacity. The fish went hard right, kept the elastic fully taught as it moved to me hard left, nose diving into the backside reeds and overgrowth.

This battle was the longest, hard single downwards knocks made me worry that my 4lb hook length would give way but after many twists and turns I managed to land this beautiful Tench.

My phone camera does not do justice to this wonderful fish, its many shades of greens and yellow glistening in the sun, the bright orange eye shining with life.

Then the weigh in. 4lb 12oz, 6oz over my previous PB and made me smile as the afternoon rain started to fall.

Fun in the rain

My weather app told me the rain would pass soon so I snuggled in and decided to try a bit of feeder in the middle where I was baiting.

Glad I did as some more Tench and Carp where landed which  made getting wet worth while.

The rain kept coming so pulled in the feeder and went back to the whip close in. I landed an angry Perch and then a 6lb 12oz Carp gave me a work out before I called in a day as the rain kept coming, so much for weather apps lol.

So all in all I had a nice days fishing which for me, turned into a Tench Fest sprinkled with a smattering of very much appreciated other fish, even in the rain.

My next trip out will be at a new fishery as I have now sampled the three main sections my new clubs lakes offer, but I look forward to going back often and sharing my fun with you again soon.

Wishing you the tightest of lines

DC x





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